Zhair Brysaru loses supporters after participating in…

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Zhair Blantar loses supporters after participating in ..

Zhair Blantaru loses supporters after participating in the rally for military dictatorship and against the coronavirus Merperedition of Brazil went to the opposition to COVID “I am here because I believe in you, and you are here because you believe in Brazil,” said Zhair Blonar, speaking on the body Pickup surrounded by several hundred people who gathered opposite the headquarters of the Armed Forces of Brazil in the capital. At the same time, many noted that the president coughed during a speech.
The inscriptions on the posters of the protesters were very sharp: the manifestations required “military intervention led by Brysar”.

Congress and Supreme Court of the country are assumed as targets for “interference” – the chairmen of these bodies also criticized Mr. Brysar for the refusal of quarantine.

Recall, President Bonsarov considers concerns due to the coronavirus “exaggerated”, while 24 of 27 governors of the country used their authority to introduce quarantine measures against the opinion of the president. The informal leader of this movement is considered Joaau Doria – São Paulo State Governor. He recently extended social distance traffic until May 10. “We justify our decision scientifically. We need to avoid the collapse of our health system, “said Mr. Doria.

Disagreement with the president about Coronavirus was already worth the posts of the Minister of Health Louise Enrique Maddette. In his place, Mr. Brysar, Last week, appointed an oncologist Nelson Thai, who instructed to get rid of quarantine measures. “The fight for the opening of a business is the risk that I take on myself,” said Zhair Blantar during the ceremony of the oath of Mr. Taja. And immediately gave the new minister: “Put my position and the position of the Maddetta next to each other and find a compromise”.

Meanwhile, the number of identified cases of COVID-19 infection in Brazil has already exceeded 39 thousand., and the number of dead from it – 2.4 thousand.

In Brazil, any mention of the participation of the military in politics is perceived as a hint of the events of 1964-1985, when the generals stood at the head of Brazil, replaced by each other without elections.

Before the election of Zhair Blonar, this period was interpreted as a period of tough dictatorship, but the new president insists that these years were the “golden age” for the country.

“It is terrible to see the demonstrations calling for the return of the military regime 30 years after the restoration of democracy. Protecting the Constitution and Democratic Institutions – this is part of my debt, – said the member of the Supreme Court Louis Robert Barroso.- dictatorship bring violence against opponents, censorship and intolerance. Good and loving Brazil people do not want this “. “The President of the Republic crossed Rubikon,” said the head of the Barzil lawyers Felipe Santa Cruz.- On the horse, the fate of Brazilian democracy “.

Head of the Presidential Administration of Brazil – On Reforms in the Country and Situation in Latin America

Commented on the occurrence and international human rights organization Human Rights Watch. “By participating in demonstrations in Brazil, President Jair Brysaru continues to act irresponsible and dangerous, exposing the life and health of Brazilians at risk, – the statement said.- In addition, participating in the shares where the dictatorship is openly maintained, Bonant is glorifying the regime, which brought inexpressible suffering to dozens of thousands of Brazilians “.

However, if human rights defenders opposed President Brysar before, now even yesterday’s supporters began to turn away from him. “I voted for all the offers of President Jair Blsonar, always wanting the best country,” said Senator Telmario Moth.- But I’m on the side of the people. Any changes must occur by the will of the majority expressed in the election. Brazil will not be able to move forward without democracy “.

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