Will the restrictions help stop a new wave of coronavirusaevop…

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Will the restrictions help stop a new wave of coronavirusaevop ..

Whether the restrictions will help stop the new wave of the coronavirusaevopor tightens Lokdaunvyvé, this step has already caused criticism from the business community, told the Polish journalist Igor Isaev: “In early March, the government closed the Warming-Mazury Voivodeship on the border with the Kaliningrad region, because there was a coronavirus disease. In addition to shops, nothing worked, museums and fitness clubs were closed. After that, the government began to close other regions: on Saturday – Pomeranian Voivodeship, it is Gdansk, and two more voivodes have been closed from Monday. As epidemiologists say, now most diseases are associated with the British strain of coronavirus, which is particularly inflated.

Lokdokun is announced throughout Poland. Most likely, the restrictions will affect the tourist and gastronomic spheres. It causes a protest from businessmen. If a year ago they were rendered fast, transparent and fairly tangible help, now the support is less and less, the criteria are complicated. In winter, there were protests of the tourist industry in the south of Poland, where the mountains and the resort of Zakopane are located, the season has been actually lost. “.

The situation complicates the refusal of part of European countries to resume vaccination with the drug by Astrazeneca due to reports on the risk of blood clots in the graft. Final Verdict of the European Medicinal Agency expect Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Denmark, Netherlands, Latvia and Sweden. Italy also does not yet use a disputed vaccine, and morbidity and mortality continue to grow. And this despite the hard locker, which in the country was announced at the beginning of the week, notes the correspondent “K FM” in Rome Elena Pushkarskaya: “Half of the country fell into the” red zone “with a rigid location, when the grocery stores, pharmacies and newspaper kiosks are open. Bars and restaurants work in honeycomb.

Everywhere there are police cordons, for leaving or out of the house without good reason – a fine of about € 400.

From the house you can only go to work, as well as in the case of medical need. In this case, the vaccination campaign continues. The president himself recently vaccinated in the order of the general turn. The hard quarantine is saved to which the whole country is planted. Such measures are taken as early as to support the campaign of vaccination, which, unfortunately, slides somewhat. Now the use of the Astrazeneca vaccine is temporarily suspended. If it turns out to be renewed vaccination, it will be very good, in any case, you can hope for removal of restrictions “.

Is it possible to talk about the second wave of coronavirus in Europe

Enhance quarantine and in Serbia. On the eve of there have revealed more than 5 thousand. new cases of disease per day. Earlier in the country, all mass events were abolished, and now only pharmacies and grocery stores will work until next week. In Norway, the authorities also announced the beginning of the third wave, in recent weeks there has sharply increased the number of coronavirus sick strain. For the first time in the country, the daily increase exceeded 1 thousand. man, and every second case falls on Oslo. Now at the “remote” the metropolitan schools and gymnasium are moving, kindergartens are closed, the local resident of Tatyana Raersen marks:

“In Oslo, high school students and children who study in the gymnasium are engaged in online. In some areas of the city, more brutal rules, there are children from the fifth to the seventh class inclusive learn from the house. Bars, restaurants, fitness clubs – it’s all closed enough long ago. Now tightening is introduced even due to the fact that the Easter holidays are ahead, the number of infected. We have many migrants who at the beginning of January came here by buses, returning after Christmas holidays. Astrazeneca vaccination suspended, and with the supply of other vaccines we have a big problem. I would like, of course, get hurt, I even had the idea to go to Russia, but it turned out that it was very difficult. Then, when you return back, three days you need to be on a quarantine in a special hotel at your own expense, and this is not suiced. “.

Recent data on coronavirus in Russia and the world

In Ukraine, the situation also remains serious. On the eve of the Minister of Healthcare Maxim Stepanov called on the authorities of the regions to strengthen quarantine restrictions and did not exclude the total locked, if most areas fall into the “red zone”.

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