What showed the inauguration of Alexander Lukashenkos to himself…

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What showed the inauguration of Alexander Lukashenkosa to himself ..

What showed the inauguration of Alexander Lukashenkos to themselves dialogue

The events of the past week in Belarus showed: the opposing parties continue to be improved in art without hearing each other.

Alesya Korezhovskaya, Minsk

Whatever they say today about the sixth inauguration of Alexander Lukashenko, the event was waiting for. And the president himself and his supporters seem to be less than everyone else. In any case, exactly less opposition-minded part of the Belarusians and those who actively support them from abroad. Protesting Telegram channels still in early September did not hide: the day of the inauguration for them – a good reason to call the people to go out into the streets.

Tactics of surprises

Because, perhaps, Alexander Lukashenko, this time, to join the position of head of state and did not rush. Degree discontent in society already was high. Where else to pump it? As a result, the world, and at the same time the majority of ordinary Belarusians, learned about the ceremony directly at the time of her.

On the Internet immediately dubbed the inauguration “secret”. Some began to blame Alexander Grigorievich in the absence of confidence even to those who voted for him. They say, it’s not good to hide such an event from the electorate: they chose, and please for the “new old” president can not. In other countries, the people suggests massive walking in this regard, and the Belarusians are?

Latest data on protests in Belarus

And Belarusians, we will be honest, and previous five times did not show up the presidential inaugurations. Would fit ordinary citizens to the TV screens this year, if they knew in advance about the ceremony and that it was broadcast live? Unlikely. But oppositional unrest on the eve and at the time of the celebration would be provided.

Yes, and so if the ceremony turned out, as they paint? Were and rehearsals, even in the minimum. And about 700 (!) invited officials and closely understood perfectly, why go to the palace of independence on September 23 (and therefore their families too). Among the dedicated – and at least a thousand servicemen who brought an oath to the loyalty to the people and the president immediately after the inauguration. Yes, and the very fact that the law enforcement officers began to pull up in the capital and began to overlap roads, hinted: it is about to happen.

So in a sense, an unexpected inauguration can be called smoothly as “unexpected” turned out to be a female forum in support of Alexander Grigorievich Weekly. It seems to be not officially announced before the last nowhere (it happened, even denied the intention to conduct it), but 13 thousand people at Minsk-arena “suddenly” gathered.

How Alexander Lukashenko became a six-time president

As for the diet itself, the difference between the current entry of Lukashenko to the post from the previous ones was small. I drove through the deserted streets of Minsk, read an oath in the Belarusian language, put the hand to the constitution, received a presidential certificate and consistently red-green bouquet from the hands of the head of Cyc Lydia Yermoshina, said. Some of her theses also sounded not for the first time. Inaugurant as spoke in 1994, that “Belarusians are not going to encroach on any territory, whoever in the historical past it belonged” and did not change it in 2020: “Unprecedented external pressure only hardening us, made us more decisive and uncompromising in the struggle for their own – we do not need someone else “.

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