What questions cause the origin of vaccination…

Who Invented Vaccines? A History of Variolation and Innoculation

What questions cause the origin of vaccination is not ..

What questions are raised by the beginning of vaccinationsmoskvichi do not rush to the vaccinations of this after vaccination, it is necessary to strictly follow the security rules, Tatyana Golikov, said Vice-Prime Minister Tatyana Golikov: “Two-stage vaccine, applied in 21 days, and therefore, it is necessary to abide by the following security measures for all 42 days. Places with a large number of people, observe the mask mode and hygiene mode, minimize contacts, comply with the social distance, limit the adoption of alcohol and drugs that oppress the immune system.

A full-fledged immune response to the vaccine will be formed over all 42 days, so it is important for this time not to infect a new coronavirus infection “.

Postregister tests Vaccine “Satellites V” pass in Moscow since September. About 40 thousand participate in them. volunteers, but not all of them have already received both injections. Before the procedure, everyone had to pass a thorough inspection from doctors. And if a person turned out to be completely healthy, he was vaccinated.

In Moscow, begins to vaccinate from COVID-19 doctors, teachers and social workers

Now the procedure is easier. As stated on the site of the mayor of Moscow, a 10-minute inspection will be held before vaccination, and after the vaccination, 30 minutes will have to be held under the supervision of doctors. Obligations to make PCR test on COVID-19 in patients.

But what if the vaccine is done by a person who has a coronavirus asymptomatic? Director of the Medical Center “In Marino”, Alexander Terentyev, says that in this case he may have serious side effects.

“If a person is already sick of any infection, he already has a certain response of his immune system, the body is already starting to deal with it. This vaccine, which is introduced, is made on a live adenovirus, respectively, here, if a person has, let’s say, infection, then we, adding a living virus, add an additional infectious agent, respectively, we can cause a more severe course of the disease or we can have more pronounced undesirable phenomena from vaccination itself. It can be an increased temperature, lubrication in muscles, fever, human weakness, head and muscle pain, that is, the manifestations that occur during contact with the infectious agent when various toxic substances are distinguished in the body, “Alexander Terentyev said.

According to the capital authorities, in the framework of the post-registration tests of the Vaccine “Satellite V” Coronavirus got sick 1.5% of volunteers – about 270 people out of 20 thousand. In the mayor’s office they say that this is a good result, if we consider that part of people received placebo. But how many people were unknown.

And in November, several doctors were reported in the Altai Territory, which were infected with coronavirus after vaccination. And they received only the first part of the vaccine of two. Then the authorities were explained by the fact that they did not have time to work out immunity to illness.

Although there are few details about these cases, candidate of biological sciences, genetics Kirill Volkov. He believes that before vaccination it would be useful to pass the test for antibodies to adenovirus, on the basis of which the drug was made.

“At the place of people who are going to get hurt, I would try to find out if they have antibodies against adenovirus, adenovirus serotype 5 and serotype 26.

Just because the vaccination based on this adenovirus, and if there is antibodies, it means that you can expect a rather serious reaction to the vaccination itself, there will be serious side effects – the temperature rise and so on, and so on. That is, a specific immune response to adenovirus.

Are Russian companies ready for mass production of vaccines

I think that there are hardly a lot of such cases, although several cases appeared in the press, when the doctors got into coronavirus after the first vaccination, that is, they really have somewhere three days after the vaccination found Coronavirus. This is exactly the cases that are suitable for a description, because, most likely, already during the vaccination, a person was ill, but asymptomatic yet. It would probably be interesting to explore separately, as the vaccination itself interacts and the coronavirus itself, “said Kirill Volkov.

At the same time, polls show that only a third of Russians is ready to make vaccinations in the near future. And 70% will definitely not be vaccinated, follows from the portal SuperJob.

“alongthecoastcottage” decided to find out whether doctors and teachers are ready to be taken from coronavirus?

Alexander Snegov, Honored Teacher of Russia: “I see a setting: the mass of our teachers is sick. And I now lean towards passing vaccination, although some time ago I doubted her effectiveness. Now my consciousness is looking for a way to make it possible to combine full-time learning. I just see that only such a form as the main one should exist “.

Erken Imanbaev, Chief Doctor of the Clinic “Professional Medicine”: “Skepticism should not be on this bill because we know perfectly well, a large amount is infected, you need to vaccinate, as the drug has passed the approbation. But I do not say that a great result, but so, tolerant, but it is better than nothing at all. Because it is known that vaccination, of course, does not save from infection, it simply can reduce the sharpness of the disease, but this will be enough for today. “.

Leonid Katvava, history teacher: “SMS came, in which it is written that you are working in an educational institution and have the right to priority vaccination. I myself still configure. What I read is may be wrong, suggests that the third stage of testing was not done until the end, and so far it is afraid of “.

Tatyana Romanenko, Chief Physician of the Medical Center “Your Doctor”: “Skepticism can be, and he, in general, is, the intelligence, because everything as if an accelerated pace was registered. Skepticism will be mainly in how effective vaccination will be. But even if 50% reduce the risk of morbidity, we must welcome it, the risks are about the same as any vaccine that, in general, we use “.

Meanwhile, large-scale vaccination throughout the country should begin by the end of the next week. By December 8, on behalf of the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishoustin, temporary rules for delivery of the vaccine in the regions should appear.

In turn, in Moscow, a special freezer for storing the drug was built. It accommodates 1 million doses. And in the clinic it is brought in thermal contends on special transport.

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