Voting on the Constitution can spend at the end…

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Voting on the Constitution can spend at the end ..

The voting on the Constitution can be held at the end of June – early July will be held with the health of civil law on constitutional amendments between the appointment of voting and the voting itself must pass at least 30 days. Thus, the appointment decree must follow at the end of May or early June.

The source familiar with the work of the informal headquarters on the organization of voting, claims that, most likely, the plebiscite will not be able to spend earlier than the beginning of July. He agrees with him and a source close to Ap: According to him, the discussion of the new date is constantly. The source “alongthecoastcottage” in the AP itself does not exclude that the vote will be able to spend in June – according to him, the decisions that it is impossible is not yet. The source close to the AP notes that the Kremlin would like to conduct a vote so soon as soon as it is possible.

If the vote is shifted by autumn, the power will face the problem of its alignment with a single day of voting on September 13.

Earlier, the head of Cyca Ella Pamfilova declared that it is impossible to conduct a voting for amendments to EDG, since it is too different procedures. On the other hand, the holding of two campaigns in a row for a short term will create additional technological difficulties: you will have to mobilize voters twice.

Interlocutors “alongthecoastcottage”, close to the UP and the city hall, argue that there are several forecasts for the development of the epidemic situation. The interlocutor “alongthecoastcottage”, close to the Coordination Center for Combating Coronavirus under the Government of the Russian Federation, declares that the initial peak of the epidemic was predicted at the end of April. Two sources of “alongthecoastcottage” close to the metropolitan mayoriety, refer to one of the forecasts in which Moscow will reach the peak of the epidemic at this week. Restrictions in the capital will continue, according to their data, at least until the end of the May holidays and can be partially removed by mid-May. In the Coordination Center under the Government, there were previously expected to improve the epidemic situation by May 10.

The situation outside of Moscow is deteriorating.

On April 21, the daily increase in registered cases of infection in Russia amounted to 5642 people. Of these, Moscow gave 54.6% (3083 people). In the afternoon, earlier the increase in the country amounted to 4268 cases, of which 47.4% accounted for Moscow. The proportion of the capital generally shows a tendency to decline in the past few days – April 13, for example, Moscow gave about 53%, and on April 10 – 62.9%. Now 52,763 cases were registered in Russia, of which Moscow accounts for 29,433 (55.8%). Moscow daily increase fluctuates, but in the past few days she did not show the former rapid growth. “We will understand the dynamics within a week – one and a half,” said Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin at a meeting on a sanitary and epidemiological situation with the participation of the President of the Russian Federation on April 20.- It will become more or less will understand how further we will move, because we have already lived enough in the restriction mode of movement and self-insulation “. Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova noted that the regions in terms of growth of the number of confirmed cases of infection are on average behind Moscow and the Moscow region for two or three weeks.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Expert Institute of Social Research Gleb Kuznetsov, who studies a pandemic and its social consequences, believes that neither Moscow nor the country as a whole should be waiting for the ambulance restrictions: “Based on the experience of other countries and common sense, it can be assumed that everything will be It is slow enough and statenly, with a loaf to the possibility of new outbreaks. In different regions there will be different deadlines depending on the number of infected and their growth. All countries are sitting on quarantine for about two months. All of them remove restrictions in different times, because they came to the epidemic not at the same time. We all started somewhere at the end of March, “the expert reminds. Mr. Kuznetsov also does not believe that in the regions, despite the current dynamics, restrictions will definitely last longer than in Moscow. One of the key risk factors remains the density of the population: “One trip in city transport in Moscow can compile an annual standard of social contacts for a resident of the Far East”. Mr. Kuznetsov is confident that regional authorities will not go to the understatement of statistics for the cancellation of restrictions: “Large outbreak in the era of the Internet is impossible to hide”.

Coronavirus disconnect from agitation for amendments to the Constitution

Molecular biologist Irina Yakutenko explains that making forecasts about the development of the situation longer than on the incubation period, it is almost impossible, therefore, and “prescribe” the date of mitigation of quarantine measures is premature: “It’s hard to say how a gradual weakening of quarantine will affect the infection dynamics”. She notes as the most reasonable, the approach of Germany and the Czech Republic, where they are going to gradually weaken the measures in parallel to the dynamics of the number of infection and accepting depending on this. The expert does not exclude new outbreaks of infection after weakening restrictions and believes that it is more reasonable to cancel some events scheduled for summer and autumn than spending money to prepare that in the end may not take place. Irina Yakutenko allows uninimiced distortion of data on which authorities’ solutions can be based on restrictions mode: errors, according to her, sometimes be associated with a banal lack of tests or laboratory technicians.

Even if statistics will indicate a decline in the epidemic, the Moscow government will not go to instant removal of restrictions.

According to the source “alongthecoastcottage”, close to the presidential administration, in the Kremlin believe that citizens with understanding belong to the insulating measures. According to the source “alongthecoastcottage”, the mayor’s office does not want to risk, removing restrictions on the May holidays; But even if in Moscow, the stabilization of the increase in the number of infection is confirmed, in a number of regions, the situation may still worse. Earlier, RBC and Russian BBC Service reported on the extension of quarantine on the May holidays.

Campaign preparation for the voting on the Constitution will last indefinitely

Planning a date of voting, the Kremlin came out that it was a day in the middle of a week, which will be announced non-working. The source “alongthecoastcottage”, familiar with the course of discussing preparation for voting in the regions, said that he was discussed, in particular, on July 8 – the day of family, love and loyalty, which coincided in 2008, which coincides with the Day of West Peter and Fevronia and falling on Wednesday. Now the discussion froze, and it gave rise to rumors about the possible transfer of voting for September, but the interlocutor “alongthecoastcottage” believes that with such a delay, they would most likely be suspended by the news rollers on TV. An informed federal official does not exclude that voting can be appointed and at the end of June – for example, in the 75th anniversary of the Victory Parade, 24th (this date also falls on Wednesday). This date, according to the interlocutor “alongthecoastcottage”, was also discussed. Recall, earlier the State Duma deputy Vladimir Shamanov said RBC that the traditional Victory Parade, from which the authorities refused on May 9, could be postponed either on June 24, or on September 3 (the end of the Second World War, which coincides in the Russian Federation on Solidarity Day in the fight with terrorism established in 2005 on the anniversary of the tragedy with the seizure of hostages in Beslan).

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