Vladimir Putin at a meeting with a large business weighed…

Theresa May exchanges cold handshake with Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin at a meeting with a large business weighed ..

Vladimir Putin, at a meeting with a large business, weighed that and the self-antimunities and the coronapulus – the epidemiological situation is complex, – did not go over Vladimir Putin.- In Russia and in many other countries, the number of ill cronavirus is growing, and in a number of states, the so-called Lockanun is again announced, when enterprises, companies suspend their activities or go to a massive procedure for remote operation (but now it is not our method for all signs.- BUT. TO.). Forced restrictions in everyday life are introduced, in the everyday life of people, which, of course, also affects the work of whole sectors of the economy ..

Alexey Mordashov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Severstal, believes that it is possible to find a balance and not to introduce such harsh measures that in spring.

– First, mortality falls, – Mr. Mordashov motivated.- Of course, every death is tragedy, but the mortality rate is still falling!..

It was the main and, it seems, the only argument.

However, there was another one: it is necessary to preserve the employment of living. More precisely, living.

Vladimir Putin, passing, agreed.


– Regarding tough, total restrictive measures, – he nodded.- We do not plan to do this. And the government has no such plans!.. Need to deploy vaccination throughout the country!

Vladimir Putin is a violent fan of vaccination, there is no doubt about this now. (And he himself chooses in all signs “Satellite V”. Strange, if he himself has not yet been hidden. It would be very strange.)

President tried to interest businessmen because the production of vaccine is good, among other things, business. Can be said that large.

– Mortality with us, unfortunately, has grown, – he admitted.- from Kovida. Here we have looked at the morning with colleagues in the morning … compared to spring. But colleagues say that this is also connected with the fact that more carefully began to fix the causes of mortality. And the total mortality fell almost twice compared with the spring!

Because after wishing even in such statistics you can find the pros.

– But what I would like to ask you! – the president danced.- It is necessary to strictly monitor the compliance with the rules that are offered by doctors … If everything is observed, you will not need to introduce even point constraints!..

The offer looked intrigue.

To enter locked not planned even where hospitals are almost full

It turned out that the head of the RSPP Alexander Shokhin, who said before that, that the labor market fell during a pandemic by 4.7%, and the first deputy prime minister Andrey Belousov, who is sure that the figure is not so dramatic, consider differently. And then it turned out that this is not the only difference between them.

Andrei Guriev, the general director of “FozAgro”, supported Alexey Mordashov:

– Total prohibition is not required!..

He has long talked about the possibilities of vaccine exports under these conditions, but after that he heard what, apparently, did not hear before:

– Vaccination for us – Number one task! – exclaimed the president.- And the main task is to create production facilities to increase the production of vaccine for citizens of Russia!

About the vaccine with him need carefully. Vaccine is holy.

Alexander Shokhin worried about the protection of investments and asked Andrei Belousov to consult a business about this kind of projects, leading to an example of a story when the business had to recalculate ready financial models simply because he did not talk to him on time.

Moscow authorities still expect to avoid Lokdaun and wait for vaccination in December

The conversation in the presence of the president was risky. Alexander Shokhin demonstrated dissatisfaction with the government. At the same time, officials from the government at the meeting of the President with the business were in all grounds no less than businessmen.

– I would like someone from colleagues in the government commented: Tax initiatives will be publicly discussed with the business? – Alexander Shokhin asked.- or through other mechanisms – such as an assessment of the regulating mechanism of exposure ..

– Let’s ask colleagues from the government to comment … – suggested the president, who may wanted to just entertain himself at least a bit.

Andrei Belousov assured that “the government does not pull the blanket”:

– And Alexander Nikolaevich Shokhin knows about it well … – He warned the head of the RSPP.- I would not say that there is a discussion, because everyone agrees … The Ministry of Finance worked with unprecedented efficiency, and you know well that in the State Duma in three readings, amendments to the Tax Code were amended, which a significant part of investment projects are derived from under raising with the coefficient 3.5 ..

– It would, of course, well, if Andrei Ramovich (Belousov.- BUT. TO.) said: public mechanisms … in relation to taxes are possible? I want to take advantage of the absence of Anton Hermanovich Siluanov (Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation.- BUT. TO.) who always objects to say that the business will never agree to some kind of tax adjustments in the direction of increasing … – again rebelled, we must give him due, Alexander Shokhin.

– It’s like, you know, at the Vysotsky Song about Oleg: “And the prophetic Oleg reached his line …” Alexander Nikolaevich, well, we are all discussing with you! Well, you want to formalize the procedure so that we are then strangled, – Mr. Belousov was then frank.- I understand! But we have developed a format! We are all discussing! Let’s not drive each other into the angle!

Something was hidden unfit for Mr. Shokhin. If someone someone does not have time to drive into the corner, then someone pounds into the angle of someone.

– Well, Andrei Ramovich, – Mr. Shokhin agreed.- If in the face of their comrades, you solemnly swear more without us not to make such solutions ..

– I can only stand up and like this … Pioneer … I promise solemnly and swear … yeah!..- I did not promise, but rather, Andrei Belousov Alexander Shokhina.

On this, the only discussion of this day is dried.

Yes, before, there were such meetings with another degree of lively.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky is what to remember this.

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