Victory over the national team Argentina brought them to the quarterfinal…

Argentina – Netherlands [Penalty shootout][World Cup Semifinal]

The victory over the national team Argentina brought them to the quarterfinals ..

Argentina’s victory over the national team brought them to the quarterfinals of the Miraphransuzi championship became the first one, this move was indeed carried out a special semantic load. It is clear that Pavon, a football player playing, accustomed to playing on the right, was not sent to the position that occupied the classic centerorvard Iguaine. And already the beginning of the match confirmed assumptions: sent to perform these functions – the functions of “nine” – Lionel Messi. Rather, this is: not “nine”, but “nines”, as they say in the world of football experts, “fake”. Or even quite “fake”. That is, it seems to be a central attack, but which, of course, will not hang around the post at the front edge, and will, as usual, move across the entire width of the field, freeing and occupying various positions. And yet – with the main task to appear more often there, on the front edge, on the top of the triangle. It was about Messi, and so that the throat loaded with any creative work, received an additional load, additional powers.

It was possible to interpret all this as follows: according to such a difficult to the Argentine groups, which highlighted not their dignity, and their troubles, the sampaired understood that, except for his genius, to hope for him. And in terms of searching for tactical options. Planning a white flag. Let, since it does not go, the emphasis will be focused on Messi.

“alongthecoastcottage” led the text broadcast of the match

And the game between the topics among the Argentina national team still did not go. She took the ball, but after all, that the French with their lightning-straightening counterattacking spring will be profitable to give it to him, everyone who more or less carefully followed the opponents of the Kazan Match. Nothing interesting Argentinee in other people’s gates created, and the French almost implemented the first dangerous “standard”: Antoine Grizmann shouted the ball into the crossbar.

Over the alarming call followed the goal – the goal outstanding. Kilian Mbafpe jerk was a jerk not even this championship, and the whole season – through the whole field, on a crazy speed. MbAppe not finishing. Why finite, if in order to leave behind the Argentines, grabs and speed? This PSG paid “Monaco” the amount that other “big” clubs is enough to fully complete. The jerk ended in the Argentine Penalty, when Marcus Rokho, pushing the MbAppe in the back, piled him to the lawn. Grizmann calmly scored a penalty. And then MbAppuished another time, no longer so impressive, and Nicolas Tagliaafiko was lucky to cut him up to the penalty line.

And the team of Argentina, missing these injections, continued to bend his outstanding line, seemed to go nowhere. Her moves of the French clicked like ripe nuts with a thin shell – not tightening, playing. And those who worried about them, apparently, could only disturb only. Yet not very good when the game goes from your gate, and rivals, no matter how simple it, there are soccer players who can build something magical.

All heroes and losers of the seventeenth day of the World Cup

Under the curtain of the first half, the magic was created. Not Messi, and Angel Di Maria, which was found in the center from the left flank and pontagne from two and a half dozen meters in the angle. The account comes with.

And after the break, quite recently looking ready to celebrate the Honored victory, the French team missed again. Messi’s strike, who flew into the hands of Gollicaper Hugo Loris, corrected the Argentine defender Gabriel Mercado to the grid on his trajectories.

Now it was easy to imagine the feelings of French players: everything was controlled – and suddenly the control is lost. Such plot turns knock out of the rut, break. To survive them, we need emotions, character.

“alongthecoastcottage” in numbers summed up the group tournament of the World Championships in Russia

An unpleasant storyline for them, the France team survived somehow even too fast. True, it seems, with the help of the Argentians who gave the slack, casting. Especially obviously – after the episode, in which the defender Federico Famio, sent by the sepathi after the break, concrete the central zone instead of Roho, and the goalkeeper Marco Armani did everything so that Grizmann rolled the ball into an empty gate. Argentines are lucky, but further the luck left them.

The French team acquired all that it was required: and anger, and cold-blooded. And the crown of its next skill was a grandiose – from a half-liter, in touch, twisted, amazing with accuracy – blow to the connected benneseman of the pavar, equilibrium restored. And after him, he again began to leave the outstandor, as it turned out temporarily, MbAppe.

Forward the French, he led due to the famous jerk – this time the short, inside the penalty, but so sharply, that, spending in an athletics of the world championships on the run of ultrashort distances – for example, one and a half dozen meters, he would surely took the gold thus. Reliable advantage, two goals, MbAppe provided the French team, bursting into an empty, like sugar, zone on the right flank attack. No, the defense of the Argentina team, her subtle link was too slow, too bad to cope with this shaper constantly jumping out of tobacker. And the attack that flashed at the junction of the twins, returned after the French explosion into its usual state: a lot of action – the effectiveness of little. And neither Messi, nor appeared on the field in the end Sergio Aguero radically correctly correct nothing.

France Players France Olivier Grease (left) and Antoine Grizmann

Photo: Maxim Tumanov, Kommersant

The French were mistaken solely in what calmed down, they thought that they would reach the finish line, saving forces, apparently, somewhat prior to the term. Aguero reduced the strike of the head of the Argentine backlog after the ideal canopy Messi. But it happened already in compensated time. Before the final whistle, the French Dotherpel.

France national team passed quarterfinals. Argentina’s national team, as predicted, went home long before the medial disassembly – under the squall of reasoning that her Russian misfortunes would come, no matter how cool, not a momentary circumstances, like conflicts of players with coaching staff. Circumstances are secondary because of the feeling that the Great Collection – Based on At least from the selection of football players, it deserves such an unenviable fate, it was nowhere to go.

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