US, Canada and 19 European countries send Russian…

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The United States, Canada and 19 European countries send Russian ..

USA, Canada and 19 European countries send Russian diplomats “A multilateral diplomatic war” began, as stated by the chairman of the European Council Donald Tusk, the protest was initially joined in total 14 countries (Ireland has not yet specified the number of sent dipsoters. Separate countries will take their own restrictive measures against Russia – for example, in Lithuania announced an additional 44 people in a black list of those who will be denied entry into the country; And in Latvia – about the expulsion of one employee “Aeroflot”. On the decision to send four Russian diplomats also announced Canada. Bilateral contacts at a high level suspends Iceland – the first persons refuse to visit the 2018 World Cup.

How the conflict between Russia and the United King

“They are recognized as unwanted persons, since their activity does not correspond to the Vienna Diplomatic Convention, – Commented on the decision of Warsaw The Poland Foreign Minister Yurtsek Chaputovich.- It is possible that some of these persons is associated with illegal activities in Poland “. Contrary to previously made statements, about the expulsion of thirteen Russian diplomats in connection with the “Business of the Scrip”, and President of Ukraine Peter Poroshenko announced.

What is famous Sergey Skripal

Russian Foreign Ministry expressed a protest in connection with the decision on the expulsion of diplomats. “We consider this step as unfriendly and not responding to the tasks and interests of establishing the reasons and the search for those perpetrators in the incident, which occurred on March 4, is reported in the official statement of the Foreign Ministry.- provocative gesture of the notorious solidarity with London of these countries that went to the UK authorities in T.N. "Skipalery business" and not bred to understand the circumstances of the happening, is a continuation of the confrontational line to escalation of the situation “.

From where and for which Soviet and Russian diplomats sent

That Western countries will be announced on Monday about the expulsion of the employees of the Russian Foreign Ministry, it was known in advance. On Monday, several countries are immediately – Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – called Russian ambassadors to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At 16:00 Moscow time, one after another began to shoot an embargo on the news about restrictive measures. Recall that the decision of the United Kingdom, 23 of the Russian representative became known on March 14, the report on the response of the Russian side appeared on March 17.

Unprecedented agreed measures to restrict the activities of Russian foreign policy institutions actually mean the transition to the new phase of exacerbation in relations between Russia and Western countries – the most serious since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis in 2014.

“A multilateral diplomatic war began between Russia and the West, the chief editor of the magazine has written in Telegram "Russia in global policy" Fedor Lukyanov.- in relations between Russia and the collective West, the most acute moment has come since the 80s of the last century. Even the Ukrainian crisis of 2014 and events in the Crimea, despite the obvious shock of international obstacles, did not lead to steps like the current “. According to the expert, for the first time the countries of the West “go to the exacerbation of relations with an important partner not because of some kind of conflict with him, but obeying block discipline”. “Previously, this was valid only in the pre-war or military situation, when the line of behavior was dictated by the allic debt,” Fedor Lukyanov wrote.

As the “Russian issue” was discussed at the meeting of the EU heads in Brussels

According to Mr. Lukyanova, “Russia’s response is clear”: “In each case, it will be symmetric, which means at least for some time there is probable dysfunction of even the main mechanisms of interaction not with specific countries, but with a whole block of states”. “Diplomacy in crisis,” expert summarized.- in theory, its task even in the most sharp points – to keep communication and communication channels. What is happening today is similar to the negation of this function itself. And at the public level, where they have long forgotten what "Filter bazaar", And, more worse, in the elimination of non-public forms of serious communication “.

“Crisis, including those who were accompanied by mutual recesses of diplomats, sooner or later end, and the staff of the embassy is restored.

But the current mistrust of the two sides is growing to each other for several years in a row. And the optimistic forecasts are still difficult to give, “Boris Makarenko said” Kommersant “.

According to him, it’s rather about the “symbolic gesture containing a clear message: the whole West uniquely regards the incident with Sergey Skripalem if not as an act of aggression, then as invalid actions in the NATO state”. “This is a demonstrative act, designed to show the seriousness and cohesion of the West,” says Mr. Makarenko.

According to Boris Makarenko, the investigation into the “screaping business” by the experts of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is unlikely to greatly affect the position of the West: “It will go to myself. And I feel weak that the answer will be weighed by evidence, which will make one or another side of the conflict to radically change its position “. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, despite the repeated appeals, no information on the progress of the Interest on Russian citizens in the British Territory was granted.

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