United States predicted explosive incidence growth…

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The United States predicted explosive incidence growth ..

The United States predicted an explosive increase in the incidence of COVID-19Donald Trump about the mask “We cannot focus only in those regions where new outbreaks are now, because the whole country will be at the threat,” said Mr. Fauci and made a gloomy forecast: the number of daily infections from the current 40 thousand. man can grow up to 100 thousand., If “the situation does not unfold in the opposite direction”. “I think it is important to tell you and the American people that I am very concerned: the situation can be completely terrible,” the infectiousist summarized.

Director of the Control and Prevention Centers Robert Redfield agreed with a colleague: he noted that the number of diseases in the south-east and south-west of the country, and in 12 states there was an increase in the number of hospitalized. Both experts called on the United States in the future to respond to the epidemics coordinated, not leaving everything for the deposit of the state authorities. “We suffered from a simple virus. Now people have already understood what, and it is time to invest in the public health system at the local level, at the state level and at the federal level. It is necessary that in our country there is such a health care system, which she deserves, “Mr. Redfield explained.

Why the number of infected

He also dispelled doubts about the possibility of gaining collective immunity from COVID-19: now only 5-8% of Americans have encountered COVID-19 and bringing this indicator to 75-80% may take several years. “But how long this immunity will last? Year, two, three, four, less? Maybe a few months? We do not know, “Robert Redfield Posted. Mr. Faucci, in turn, said: No guarantees that the United States will develop a safe and effective vaccine from COVID-19. However, at the same time, he still expressed the hope that the vaccine will already be available to the population at the beginning of 2021.

Mr. Redfield also noted that in the United States there is no opportunity to establish a system for tracking contacts of infected COVID-19 people, as done in South Korea, Singapore and New Zealand, – First, the rate of infection is too high, and secondly, in some districts Information is still fixed manually.

Experts agreed that the most effective way to solve the problem is to guarantee the availability of masks. “This is the most important thing that can be done,” said Mr. Redfield. “It is extremely important,” Anthony Fauci agreed.

However, at least one of the famous Americans in the mask has never seen – this is US President Donald Trump. In recent days, the most prominent Republicans, including the leader of the republican majority of the Senate Mitch Macconnell, called on to follow the advice of medical experts. To put on the mask of the head of state, and his devotees on the loyal TV channel Fox News are called. “I think if the president put on a mask, it would be a good example. Maga (Make America Great Again.- “alongthecoastcottage”) now should mean "Maskam was returned to the greatness", “Said Steve Dusi on the air leading channel, paraphrasing the pre-election slogan of Donald Trump.

“Unfortunately, this simple measure that can save life has become part of political disputes: if you are for Trump, you do not wear a mask. If you’re against Trump, you wear it. The president has millions of fans, they follow his example. He can put an end to this dispute. The rates are too high to continue, “said the Republican Senator from Tennessee Lamar Alexander.

Observer “alongthecoastcottage” Alexey Naumov about why Donald Trump rapidly loses rating

Political opponents of the head of state also do not forget to criticize him. “He called himself president of war. And now? Already almost July, and our military time president seem to surrender, waved a white flag and left the battlefield, “his most likely future opponent in elections, Democrat Joe Biden, fell on Donald Trump. He called on the country to introduce compulsory social distances and the mandatory wearing masks. “We cannot defeat the virus by half measures. Mr. President, we need president, “said Mr. Biden.

The answer was not forced to wait. “While Joe Biden, for the past five months, tried to come up with some plan, the president realized his own, who slowed the spread of the virus, made us the leader in testing and opened our economy again,” Deputy press secretary of President Ali Pardo objected to Democrat.

The owner of the White House itself is not in a hurry to wear a mask, but it does not forget to criticize the country that he considers the culprit of the epidemic.

“I see how the ugly pandemic physiognomy breaks around the world, as it causes a terrible death damage. I’m more and more angry with China. People see it, and I feel it!”- wrote the head of state in Twitter.

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