The minister first met with the leader of the DPRK and called…

Kim Jong Un welcomes South Korea’s Moon Jae-in in Pyongyang

The minister first met with the Leader of the DPRK and called ..

The minister first met with the leader of the DPRK and urged the United States not to demand from him everything and immediately the Surge of Lavrov conducted an exploration to the world-gaze with the cultural features of the DPRK from journalists from the Russian delegation began long before arrival in Pyongyang. After payment of the fee for a visa in the DPRK was issued a check, dated 107 by Juche (since the birth of the founder of the DPRK Kim Il Sayna). Embassy employee who issued documents asked for journalists to not consume the term “North Korea” as a very offending of all citizens of the country.

How was the summit of the leaders of two cores

According to the laws of the DPRK, Pyongyang is the only legitimate center of the entire Korean Peninsula, and South Korea is considered as temporarily occupied by the Americans and their “puppets” part of the DPRK. It is worth noting that Seoul believes the DPRK “Terrorist Organization”.

Sergey Lavrov arrived in the DPRK for the first time in nine years and spent one in the capital, but very saturated day. The first point of the program was the laying of a wreath to two cyclopic statues of the founder of the country Kim Il Sen and his son Kim Jong Ira, the father of the current head of state. Running a ribbon on a wreath, Sergey Lavrov bent in a light semi-clone. As explained later to “alongthecoastcottage” one of the interlocutors in Pyongyang, according to the status, the minister could not do this, but, apparently, decided to show respect to the host. The gesture of politeness paid off: until the last moment it was not clear whether Sergey Lavrov would host Kim Jong Yun, but as a result, the North Korean leader gave a positive answer.

The meeting of the Russian minister and Kim Jong Yana took place in the pavilion of a hundred colors, the official residence of the head of state. Kim Jong Yun accepted the guests sufficiently modestly, the Russian delegation of eight people met the couple standing at the entrance of the guards, several local journalists, the “Young Marshal” himself, his sister Kim E Zhong and Translator. When it came to a closed part of the negotiations, only a translator and the head of the DPRK remained in the hall. Kim E Zhong fulfilled the assistant to his high-ranking brother, excitedly moving around the halls and smiling guests.

Fucking the hand of Kim Jong Yana, Sergey Lavrov became the first high-ranking Russian, who made it since the arrival of Kim Chen Yana to power in 2011. Their meeting was rather symbolic.

Symbolized was the gift of the Russian delegation. Sergey Lavrov presented Kim Jong, a casket, painted in the technique of PALH. “There is even a key – to lock your secret things,” the Russian minister told his companion with a smile

At the same time, he invited Kim Jong Yana to visit Russia. “It’s too early to talk about it,” replied on Thursday, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Sadkov to the question of journalists about whether the possibility of a personal meeting of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Yana.

Most specific working issues The Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation discussed with its North Korean colleague Lee Yong Ho. Following the negotiations, the Russian minister immediately stated that the cooperation of the two countries, unfortunately, limit the sanctions of the UN Security Council, which in fact prohibit almost any trade and economic cooperation with the DPRK. “The problems of the Korean Peninsula cannot be solved while sanctions exist,” Sergey Lavrov said “alongthecoastcottage”.- as this issue will be solved, it depends on the art of negotiators, but it can be said that it will not be able to solve it for one sitting. There must be some stages and should be a counter movement “.

Nevertheless, this year, two countries will celebrate 70 years of establishing diplomatic relations, and this event will be marked by a large program, including cultural. Answering the question “alongthecoastcottage”, Mr. Lavrov also added that he sees the prospects for the construction of the railway through the entire Korean Peninsula. “The President of South Korea, and the head of the DPRK, were expressed for the resumption of construction of the road, – Sergey Lavrov said.- This Transcore railway can be connected to the trans-gauge and, thus, create a single highway from Korea to Europe. We are very interested in this. “.

Mikhail Kostovkov about the meeting of the leaders of the United States and the DPRK in Singapore

The ministers could not help but discuss the situation around the North Korea Nuclear Program in the context of the preparing meeting of Kim Jong Yana and US President Donald Trump. “We welcome the contacts that occur between the North and South of Korea, between the DPRK and the United States,” said Sergey Lavrov.- urge all parties to feel the measure of responsibility to prevent a breakdown of the meeting “. The Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation clearly hinted at Donald Trump, which on May 24 suddenly canceled the future summit only in order to declare his return to his day to prepare. On Thursday in New York, a meeting of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with the deputy chairman of the Central DPRK of the DPRK Kim Chen Cholem. Following the meeting, Mr. Pompeo wrote on his page on Twitter: “Substantive negotiations with the team from the DPRK. We discussed our priorities for a possible meeting of leaders “. She will remind, can pass on June 12 in Singapore. “It’s not a fact that we will have time for one meeting. Perhaps we will need the second and third. And maybe there will be no one, “Donald Trump saved the intrigue.

Under what conditions Kim Jong Yun is ready to meet with Donald Trump

According to Sergey Lavrov, “In the leadership of Russia and the DPRK, the unified opinion about the need to avoid temptation to demand everything and immediately” in the DRKR denuclearization case. Washington demands from Pyongyang to provide for export from the country all rockets and atomic charges, as well as eliminate all nuclear facilities. Americans promise to remove sanctions from North Korea and provide economic assistance to it. The leadership of the DPRK (and, as Sergey Lavrov said, Russia) considers these requirements excessive, believing that denuclearization should be phased and every step by the DPRK should be accompanied by concessions from the United States.

The question of Washington’s guarantees Pyongyang is particularly acute: Kim Jong Yun does not want to part with nuclear warheads, if it is not confident that it is protected from fate of overshoe leaders of Libya and Iraq Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein. Sergey Lavrov, following the results of negotiations in Pyongyang, said that he did not ask the North Korean side about what guarantees it would require, because “found it indelived”.

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