The first speech of the head of the UK Foreign Ministry will be…

ENGLISH SPEECH | BORIS JOHNSON: First Speech as Prime Minister (English Subtitles)

The first speech of the head of the UK Foreign Ministry will ..

The first speech of the head of the Foreign Ministry of Great Britain will be devoted to Rossiyger MEY Hunt calls the EU and the United States to be more stringent with Moscow “This is a police and intelligence service, there are some specles in the press, but I’m afraid we must wait until the government is ready to make an ad,” said Jeremy said Hunt. According to him, there is progress in the investigation, but it is not yet ready to publish its results.

The words of the minister sounded a few hours before his speech at the Institute of Peace in Washington. It is noteworthy that this is the first public speech by Jeremy Hunt after appointing the head of the Foreign Ministry in July. And it will be held in Washington on the eve of the entry into force of the first stage of American sanctions against Russia because of the case of Salisbury. This should happen on August 22. The sanctions primarily concern the introduction of restrictions on the supply of dual-use products to Russia. The second wave of sanctions can follow 90 days if Russia does not give “reliable guarantees” that it will no longer use chemical weapons and will allow UN and other international organizations to conduct inspections in the country’s territory.

What is known to the new Foreign Minister of Great Britain Jeremy Hunt

In his speech, Jeremy Hunt plans to encourage the European Union to support Washington and strengthen the sanctions against the Russian Federation in connection with the business of Salisbury. Although it is necessary to interact with Moscow, the Minister believes, the foreign policy of President Putin has turned the world in a “more dangerous place,” says the theses of the Minister’s performance, which distributed the press service of the British Foreign Ministry. “Today, the United Kingdom asks for its allies to go on, calling for the European Union to ensure that its sanctions against Russia are comprehensive, so that we really stood shoulder to the shoulder with the USA,” says one of theses.

How in Washington remembered the violinists

Speech by Jeremy Hunt will concern NATO. He will call the North Atlantic Alliance to establish clearer red lines in questions of the use of chemical weapons and invasion of it into foreign territory on the example of Crimea. The British Minister believes that Europe must “a single voice” to respond to Moscow violations, wherever they have been “starting from the streets of Salisbury and ending with the fate of Crimea”. As the British The Guardian notes, the position of the Minister “may be regarded as interference on the side of the anti-Russian fraction in the division of the US administration”.

Jeremy Hunt will also offer the United States and Europe to adopt new measures to control the possible intervention of Russia in Western democratic elections, including the prevention of cyber attacks on the electoral mechanism and tightening online political advertising regulation.

According to The Guardian, the minister enters the “dangerous territory”, affecting the topic of legitimacy of the election of Donald Trump. Without challenging his victory in the presidential election in the United States, Jeremy Hunt will still celebrate: “Heart of any democracy is freedom of expression that allows citizens to access independent information to help decide who to vote for. But the omitousness of the fake news, targeting on social networks and foreign attempts to manipulate the elections undermine the confidence that it can really happen “. At the same time, softening rhetoric, the British minister will indicate that it is impossible to impose on social networks with all the responsibility for the choice of voters in the United States and European countries, and people have real reasons to be dissatisfied with the actions of politicians. “After the financial collapse of 2008, many voters began to question the globalization and reject the political leaders, which they associate with its defense,” – another thesis Jeremy Khanta. In this connection, he intends to call for European leaders “bring your homes in order”.

As for Donald Trump, in an interview with the BBC Jeremy Hunt noted that a contradictory figure was either president of the United States, the main thing that he did not become the “president-isolationist” as many feared. Jeremy Hunt drew attention to the personal participation of Donald Trump in dialogue with Russia and North Korea.

At the same time, in his speech, the Minister, as the GUARDIAN newspaper notes, plans to challenge the protectionist policy of Donald Trump, warning that undermining the principles of free trade only hurts Western economies and ultimately the Western Political System.

Donald Trump will expand the authority in the fight against Russia

At the statements by Jeremy Hunt BBI and the publication of the abstracts of his speech, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reacted promptly, emphasizing that London seeks to dictate its US and EU policy. “When Mr. Minister was asked if there was some progress in establishing suspects, he did not know what to answer his own journalists. Well, in principle, of course, our British colleagues are quite high self-conceit: a country that leaves the European Union in the framework of the Brexites ”, seeks to dictate the foreign policy of the EU itself. And now, as it turns out, London wants to dictate an external policy in the Russian direction and in Washington, “said Sergey Lavrov.

Russian minister also noted that Washington introduced sanctions against Moscow due to the desire to promote the policy of deterrent to the Russian Federation. “To all it is clear that the sanctions against Russia were not introduced due to Syria, not because of Ukraine, not because of the Crimea, not because of anything, except because of the desire to use unfair competition methods, promote Absolutely unpromising policy of deterrent to the Russian Federation, “said Mr. Lavrov. At the same time, the Minister spoke about the continuation of the dialogue between Russian and American officials in Ukraine and Syria. In particular, according to him, in the near future it is planned to meet Assistant President of the Russian Federation Vladislav Surkovo with the Special Representative of the US State Department of the USA Kurt Volker. We will remind, on August 23, a meeting in Geneva Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev with the US Presidential Assistant on National Security by John Bolton should be held.

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