Studied how the system of digital passes is arranged…

Minimum Phase and All Pass Systems (c)

“alongthecoastcottage” studied how the system of digital passes is arranged and that it faces the violator encoded – not leaving For visiting medical institutions also acts one day – but you can get them with no restrictions. The City Hall clarify that police officers have the right to “check the accuracy” of the application.

Skip can be issued through the MOS website.RU (on Monday there earned the section “Getting a digital passage to movement in the city”), a call center (by number +7 (495) 777-77-77) or via SMS (by number 7377). They will have to execute persons over 14 years. A citizen must leave passport details, a contact phone number, a personnel of a personal car or a transport card number (Troika, “Arrow”). In the event of trips to the office, the name of the organization and the Inn Employer is added to this information, when making passes for other purposes – also the route of movement (initial and end address).

The resulting code before departure from the house “You must write down, take a picture or make a screenshot”.

Metropolitan taxi drivers, as explained by the head of the city department of trade and services Alexey Nemeryuk, will oblige to check the availability of digital passes from customers. He clarified that the skip will be required and for moving on a bike or electrosphame.

Prior to the beginning of the epidemic, the citizens committed about 900 thousand. Takes by taxi, 8.3 million on the metro and 3.2-3.5 million cars – on cars, follows from statistics of the Moscow Department of Transport. On April 10, 1,4 million cars were on Moscow roads, in the subway in April per day, an average of 1.4 million trips was performed on average, and the number of taxi flights fell by 62%, reported in the Department. Thus, we can go about the need to issue up to 3.2 million codes daily in peak days (taking into account the fact that office pass is issued once). This figure relates to the information of the Operational Headquarters of the City Hall that on April 10, 3.5 million people came out on the streets, who came out of the house for six hours and more (installed on the geolocation of cellular operators). In the metropolitan department of information technologies earlier, it was previously assumed that the system for issuing codes is ready for peak loads.

As Moscow and the area stop building, state procurement, carcharring and introduce a bandwidth for movement

The authorities clearly expect that from this week the citizens will further reduce movements in Moscow. In the previous decree, the Sobyanin may prescribe from 13 to 19 to limit or stop the work of the “most urban organizations” and introduced a ban on visiting the buildings of companies 45 types of activities (see. “alongthecoastcottage” of April 11). Almost all construction workers got under the suspension, the metropolitan carcherling system was also stopped due to difficulties with frequent disinfection of the cabin. Vice Mayor of Moscow Vladimir Efimov calculated that last week 3 million people went to work on the city enterprises, it expects a tenfold reduction in this figure.

I surveyed “alongthecoastcottage” lawyers were divided into an assessment of the legality of the actions of the authorities.

Earlier Partner of Pen’s Lawyers College & Paper Catherine Taigai indicated that the codes system, “like any other limitations of free movement,” can be applied only after the announcement of the CP regime by the President of the Russian Federation. However, from April 1, the amendments to the Federal Law No. 68 “On the Protection of the population and territories from Natural and Technogenic Character” entered into force, which gave the regions right to establish “Mandatory Citizens and Organizations the rules of conduct when introducing an increased readiness regime” (this mode is valid in Moscow from March 5).

What can not do during quarantine and what threatens for it

Lawyer Pavel Astakhov says that. four.1 of the mentioned Law No. 68 allows the regional authorities to “restrict access to the territory on which there is a threat to the emergence of emergencies” and suspend the activities of organizations that found themselves in this zone. “Restricting the movement of citizens can be used at the subject of the subjects of the Federation,” says Mr. Astakhov. The managing partner of the legal company “Position of Law” Egor Rynin also does not see any violations here, explaining that Law No. 68 permits the regions “independently introduce additional measures aimed at preventing the spread of the virus”. But the partner of the legal company YUST Alexander Bolomatov said that in the case of territories, on which there is a “threat of emergence of the emergence of an emergency”, we are talking about the closure of entry and exit from the cities of the whole, whereas in Moscow, such prohibitions were not introduced. “Access can be limited locally to the territory with reliably known infection or defeat. To close access to all Moscow, it is necessary to have reliable data that all its territories are stuck with coronavirus. Such data in the mayor’s office, obviously, do not have, “- constructs the partner of the Law Firm” Tenkov and Partners “Konstantin Suvorov. He believes that Law No. 68 does not give the authorities to restrict freedom of movement. “According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, this can be made only by federal law, and it is impossible to delegate this issue on the level of regulatory acts of the authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Legislation does not give such bodies the right to limit the freedom of movement of an arbitrary circle of citizens in an arbitrary territory, “says Mr. Suvorov. In addition, he adds, in st. 4 of Law No. 68 states that the authorities can take only measures, “not limiting human rights and freedoms”. Exceptions – Persons with a prescribed sanitary prescription to comply with quarantine, including those who arrived from abroad, adds Mr. Suvorov.

Pavel Astakhov warns that new st. 3.eighteen.1 Metropolitan COAP threatens citizens moving on cars without codes, a fine of 5 thousand. rub. and evacuation for specialist.

From April 9, the police have already begun to detain and finant on this article – so far only those drivers who are reliably carriers of the virus and which doctors obliged to stay at home and comply with quarantine. Mr. Suvorov is confident that the usual drivers without digital pass will be evacuated without digital passages. “In practice, it is possible to expect unnecessarily widespread use of responsibility for this article and subsequent trials,” he believes.

It is noteworthy that a whole circle of individuals fleeing decrees from the need to execute codes. Speech about:

  • Judges, lawyers, notaries and assistants of all these categories,
  • Journalists,
  • private guards,
  • servicemen,
  • state and municipal employees.

More than 10 thousand registered in the capital. lawyers, about 2 thousand. judges and 700 notaries (data of the lawyer of Moscow, Moscow City Court and the Moscow City Notary Chamber), taking into account two assistants from everyone – 38 thousand. human. At least 15 thousand also operate in the city. journalists (data of the Union of Journalists of Moscow) and, according to the calculations “alongthecoastcottage” based on the statistics of Rosgvadia, 80-90 thousand. Private guards with licenses. The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation was previously evaluated that for every 10 thousand. Residents account for 163 state and municipal employees. If this proportion is true for Moscow, 200 thousand will be delivered from the codes. only officials, and just at least 330 thousand. man excluding military personnel.

Sources “alongthecoastcottage” in law enforcement agencies say that the metropolitan police have not yet been indicated on how and with the help of what technical means should be controlled by citizens’ compliance with the norms of digital codes from April 15. The interlocutor “K” is waiting for clarification from the leadership on this occasion at the nearest meetings.

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