Sergey Lavrov brought journalists from self-insulation on…

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Sergey Lavrov brought journalists from self-insulation on ..

Sergei Lavrov brought journalists from self-insulation on video conferences against Covidsergei Lavrov, unlike many video conferencing participants, during the conversation was in the office, and not at home. Since the rest came to contact from apartments and villas, the participants of the conversation sometimes became children of journalists, whose voices sometimes broke their ether.

The first thing that rushed into the eye is the lack of the Ministry of Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova, which always leads such events. Her face, or decorated with a medical mask, whether the hidden behind her flashed on the screen shortly before the start of the press conference, and then disappeared. Conversation moderated subordinate Mrs. Zakharova Denis Mikherin.

Lord Micheryin and Lavrov sat without masks, but at a distance of each other. And the Foreign Minister immediately assured that all protection measures from coronavirus are accepted in his department:

– In the central apparatus and in our territorial bodies, approximately half of the staff are translated on the remote mode of operation.

Only the main staff remains on the ground. All work, observing social distance, all sanitary measures.

All employees who work in direct mode, that is, not in remote, are subjected to relevant checks.

“alongthecoastcottage” asked Sergey Lavrov, whether there is no part-19 among employees of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Ministry. The fact is that the staff of many Russian embassies in recent weeks often leave the territory of the launches, helping the Russians stuck abroad to evacuate to their homeland. Leaving hotels and airports, they expose themselves at risk of infection. With a similar situation, the US State Department faced, for example, the State Department of the United States, where the other day they reported 340 cases of COVID-19 infection in the central office of the departments and the US climbing. Among the infected people, and the US Ambassador to Burkina Faso. Four State Department employees died.

From the response of Sergey Lavrov, it was possible to conclude that there were no diseases in the Russian Foreign Ministry. “As long as God has been making. I hope that if we continue to comply with all the requirements that Rospotrebnadzor and the Ministry of Health are put forward, we will pass this virus successfully, “he said.

Asked the Minister and about the criticism of Moscow, which is distributed in a number of Western countries due to the fact that it allegedly uses humanitarian assistance to other states for self-building and strengthen their influence in the world.

According to the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Italy Russia has assisted “on direct handling, a direct request” Premiere Giuseppe Contre.

– I think that this is all said. It is sad that there are people who represent what is carried out, almost a military invasion of the NATO and the EU territory, – he noted.

In this regard, Mr. Lavrov recalled the sensational article in the Italian newspaper La Stampa, which argued that 80% of humanitarian cargo from Russia turned out to be useless. According to him, the authors of the article “tried to appreciate alone and discredit the meaning of the help that Russia provides Italy,” while the Russian embassy in Rome receives hundreds of thanks and letters from the citizens of Italy, which is “the best answer to all insinuations”.

Commented on Sergey Lavrov and the direction of Russia of US humanitarian cargo. This delivery caused many questions, because at first in the Kremlin they said that it was about “help” and everyone considered that she was free. But then in the State Department reported that the American side “acquired” Russian medical techniques and consumables. After that, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation reported that only half of the cargo acquired, and half was provided by the Russian Fund of Direct Investments. This was reacted again in Washington, declaring that Moscow only sold “medical supplies at a price below market”.

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Be that as it may, in Russia, many were surprised that Russia supplies Washington’s medical products, while many Russian regions experience their shortage. Sergey Lavrov gave to understand: the US authorities promised that if necessary, would. According to him, during a telephone conversation with the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, his American colleague Donald Trump assured: if necessary, “the United States, when the production of relevant equipment is needed in sufficient volumes, such deliveries and Russia will be ready to direct.

Attempts to remake and criticize the role of Russia or question the humanitarian nature of its intentions, the minister replied separately:

– Our great scientist Pavlov (Academician Ivan Pavlov.- “Kommersant) opened reflexes. These are the same Pavlovsky reflexes Russophobic. And to the pandemic, and during the pandemic. And, unfortunately, I expect that after it stops, these reflexes will manifest.

There are politicians that will face exclusively on the Russian Niva, because they are not adapted to anything else.

And Russophobia, as practice shows, is the ability to exist without sides, getting support from some capitals.

By repeating Russophobes, Sergey Lavrov urged everything to “the crisis became vaccinating from egoism, vaccinating Messianism and vaccinating the temptation and further solve its problems due to the interests of other countries”.

Attempting to work in this direction, the Russian minister hopes, will be undertaken later this year. Sergei Lavrov expects that the summit of countries – the permanent members of the UN Security Council, about the convening of which Moscow and Paris stated, will still take place.

– There is a fundamental consent in terms of the aimedity of this event on a large-scale major analysis of what is happening in the world, in all areas that are somehow related to the safety of people, with strategic stability, and the specific agenda is now being discussed in working order at the level of foreign ministries. Affairs, – said Mr. Lavrov.

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At some point, the minister was asked to respond to the words of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany Haiko Maas, who recently announced in an interview with Der Spiegel, that he expects an ambulance with Sergey Lavrov, despite the spread of coronavirus.

– I want to give him an invitation to fly at any time, if he finds the way to get to Moscow, – answered the colleague Mr. Lavrov.- as soon as he land here, the full safety of his life and health, the health of his delegation we will provide. Let it arrive.

– Haiko, if you hear me now, I’m seriously talking! – Added Russian minister, clearly missed the familiar personal communication with partners.

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