“Russian intervention” in the US business is now looking for…

Taking Stock: Five Years of Russia’s Intervention in Syria

“Russian intervention” into the US business is now looking for in Afghanistalebam, “the hand of Moscow” “” For me it became a monstrous shock. If the Russian military unit offered an award to the extremist grouping in Afghanistan for the murder of our soldiers, and the Trump knew for many months about it, then this is the face of reasonable, this is the betrayal of the sacred service that our military is carried, “said Joe Biden. “I’ve never wished the families of these military, even in a terrible dream to imagine that their president closes his eyes to the fact that they are supported by the head of their loved ones,” he continued. “If I am elected president, do not doubt: Vladimir Putin will receive a worthy rebuff, we will take serious actions against Russia,” Mr. Biden promised.

Thus, the New York Times article gave start a new long-playing scandal in Washington.

Donald Trump opponents get the opportunity to return to American politics and on the first media bands the topic of “Russian interventions” and “hostile actions” of Moscow against the United States, who has departed to the background against the background of confrontation with China.

Recalling the unnamed sources in the American intelligence services, New York Times reported that the division of the Russian military intelligence allegedly paid the militants of the Taliban’s prohibited movement in the Russian Federation (prohibited in the Russian Federation) so that they kill the US International Coalition and NATO. According to the newspaper, that Russians sponsor the Taliban hunt for Americans, the US intelligence services informed the Trump Administrations a few months ago and this issue was even reviewed in March at a meeting of the US National Security Council at the White House. However, there were no steps to counter Moscow, although various versions of actions were prepared for the US administration – from “diplomatic protests and requirements to terminate such practices to a series of possible sanctions”.

Apparently, the NEW YORK Times Publication found the presidential team by surprise. Angry refutations fake news this time did not sound. In the statement of the spokesman for the White House, Kayeley Mekneni only refers to the “inaccuracies of the NEW YORK Times material, which contains an erroneous assumption that President Trump was informed on this issue”. But on Sunday, on this occasion, Donald Trump himself spoke in Twitter, calling the publication of the newspaper.

In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the NEW YORK Times article caused predictable indignation. “This simple chalk is clearly illustrated by low intellectual abilities of propagandists from American intelligence, which, instead of the invention, something more reliable has to invent such nonsense,” said in the Russian diplomatic department.

In turn, as follows from the statement of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Washington, the work of Russian diplomats is now sharply complicated.

“The publication of the New York Times, according to which the Russian Federation paid the fighters of movement "Taliban" For attacks on the US military in Afghanistan, has already created a direct threat to the lives of employees of Russian embassies in Washington and London, “the Russian Embassy in the United States says. Russian dipmission in Washington called on New York Times “Stop producing fake news, because of which the life of people is in danger”.

“Talibams were not paid for many years, and NATOs – in order to refrain from attacks on the US contingent and NATO. If there were no secret agreements with the Taliban, which had to be increasing, the losses of the US military and NATO would be much more, “said Colonel of the stock of special forces of the GRU Vladimir Koshelev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Union of Veterans of Afghanistan.

“The versions that Russian military intelligence allegedly paid the Taliban for the killing of Americans, looks absurd for the reason that the Taliban and so killed Americans for free. At the same time, given the fact that the NATO contingent at least somehow restrained the Taliban in the southern borders of the CIS, to lead some special operations against him would be illogical. With regard to the topic information of accounts between special services, their war is conducted, but by other methods, “adds Vladimir Koshelev.

Resolutely celebrated from the version that the Russian special services could be their sponsors, and the Taliban themselves.

“The 19-Year Jihad is not obliged to anyone inhibiting or foreign states by any exploration authorities,” the representative of the movement of Zabihulla Mujahide assured. “These rumors are distributed to create obstacles to US troops,” he added, indicating that the implementation of the agreement concluded on February 29 between the Taliban and the United States should lead to the world in Afghanistan.

“The allegations that the Taliban are fighting solely on their own, we are propaganda. Without external support to keep such large-scale operations they would not be able to. However, the real sponsors of the Taliban are not Russian or American intelligence services, but interdepartmental intelligence Pakistan (ISI). In connection with this the main external beneficiary of a peace agreement with the Taliban in the case of US departments from Afghanistan, it is Pakistan, after the legalization of the Taliban, receiving much more powerful levers for Afghan politics, “said Vladimir Centnikov, senior researcher,” Kommersant.

As Moscow and Washington held a video consultation with Kabul

Another sponsor and group of support for Taliban, in addition to Pakistan, the Al-Qaeda group remains, the struggle in 2001 led to the creation of an international coalition led by the United States and the overthrow of the Taliban regime. The report of the European Foundation of South Asian Studies (EFSAS) referring to the sources of the UN and the dedicated course of the implementation of the February Agreement between the United States and Taliban, it is noted that one of the key points of the Agreement is an agreement that the Taliban will refuse their connections with Al-Qaeda – not executed.

Recall that by agreement with the United States, the Taliban movement took over the obligation not to allow anyone from its members or other groups, including Al-Qaida, to use the territory of Afghanistan for attacks on the US and their allies.

Meanwhile, in the EFSAS report, referring to the Analytical Study of the UN Committee on Sanctions against the “Islamic State” (prohibited in the Russian Federation) and Al-Qaida, it is noted that “Higher Management "Al-Qaida", Like hundreds of her militants, is still in Afghanistan in the territory controlled by the Taliban “. At the same time, the Taliban regularly consulted with Al-Qaida even during negotiations with the United States and promised her to continue to “respect their historical ties”.

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