Russian airlines will not be discharged 17 billion rubles…


Russian airlines will not be discharged 17 billion rubles ..

Russian airlines will not be discharged 17 billion rubles from the termination of the flight of Turkey with a loss of VTB Capital, they establish their calculations on the assessment of the passenger traffic between the two countries in 1.5 million passengers before June 1. "The lack of profit can make a little less than 1 billion rubles during this time."Analyst Analyst Elena Sakhnova believes. This assessment agrees CEO FRIENDLY Avia Support Alexander Lanetsky. He recalled that, according to Ator, tours to Turkey were acquired by almost 600 thousand until the end of May. Russians are more than 1.2 million air tickets back. Another 100 thousand. Inorganized travelers were going to visit the country on their own.

"Even with very modest $ 10-20 profits from each passenger – this is $ 10-20 million lost profits. In reality, this amount may be higher, "said Mr. Lanetsky.



Source "alongthecoastcottage", close to the Commercial Department "Victory", evaluates the lost revenue of the carrier more than in 500 million rubles. It also emphasizes that the direct costs of the airline on the organization of export flights from Turkey will exceed 50 million rubles. Officially, the press service of the LouroSter reported that at the moment the company estimates the costs of export flights. "But it is already clear that they are very big," clarified in the company. To optimize costs, the carrier had to cancel 360 reversal flights: to Antalya and Gazipasha from Moscow, as well as to Istanbul from Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Moscow, Mineral waters and Ufa.



IN "Ural Airlines" The amount of disadvantaged revenue was rated in 150-200 million rubles. At the moment, the airline carries out flights mainly within the framework of the charter program, in advance agreed with tour operators. "Therefore, from a legal point of view, the duty to the removal of tourists arises from the tour operator, and not at the airline," the carrier's press service noted. In this regard, the "Ural Airlines" do not see direct losses from exporting flights, but also fix the missed benefits. The carrier intends to increase the frequency of flight frequency to Russian South: Anapa, Gelendzhik, Simferopol, Sochi, Krasnodar, as well as mineral waters.

Why is the alternative to rest in Turkey not searched

IN S7 Airlines refused to disclose their potential losses and current costs due to the ban on flights to Turkey, but noted that additional subsidies would be appropriate. "The company did not count on compensation for the temporary restriction of flights to Turkey, but if the mechanism is proposed, we, of course, apply for compensation," the representative of the carrier said. In Red Wings, they did not comment on compensation, specifying that the required number of flights to return all tourists. After that, the airline aircraft released for April-May from the Turkish charter program will be involved in domesticated flights.

In other airlines, the question "alongthecoastcottage" regarding compensation from the state due to flight restrictions to Turkey did not respond. Until now, in such cases, the authorities have not compensated for carriers – even after banning direct flights to Georgia in 2018, when such subsidies officially promised the Ministry of Transport.

"None inner and internationally can compete on passenger traffic with Turkey," Oleg Pantheyev said the executive director of the Airport.

In Crimea and Krasnodar Territory, the season begins closer to the beginning of the summer, and the rest of the tourist destinations are significantly superior to the Turkish price. However, airlines will be able to cover the costs associated with restrictions, a significant increase in the price of tickets for all resort directions, which already happens, emphasized the expert. Even in early March, it was reported that the Russians began to spend on air tickets abroad by an average of almost 40% more than in 2019. "I am sure that companies will be able to promptly reorient their capacities. Carriers rather dramatically draw losses, but this does not mean direct losses, "Mr. Panteleev concluded.

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