Russia will give Egypt atomic energy and tourist…

Direct flights between Egypt and Russia to resume

Russia will give Egypt atomic energy and tourist reproduction ..

Russia will give Egypt atomic energy and tourist advantage and enrichment on the resumption of flights to Egypt stretched two years, accompanied by evasive comments by officials and encouraging news that were not confirmed. Officially, the question was directly linked to the elimination of the comments of the Russian Federation for aircraft safety at the airports of Egypt. The working group of the Silovikov of the Russian Federation and Rosaviation checked airports, demanding the maximum involvement of Russian specialists and equipment to work. Ministry of Transport insisted on biometric control, video surveillance around the perimeter of airports, multi-level luggage control, border checking. As a result, Russian enterprises have a new market: in early 2017, the export consortium of Russian companies to ensure safety was created with the support of REC.

The consortium commissioned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Egypt performed a project for the supply of voice recognition systems, facial biometry and t. P., and also concluded a strategic agreement with the Egyptian Falcon Group. As part of the REC Agreement, it is ready to support the supply of Russian products in a volume of $ 20 million.

There is no connection between the return of Russian tourists and the conclusion of a contract for nuclear power plants in Ed Dabaa.

Meanwhile, a number of sources of “alongthecoastcottage” connects the delay in the restoration of flights not only with the interests of Russian providers of security systems – there was a much larger contract on Konu. The same two years have drawn negotiations on the contract “Rosatom” for the construction of four blocks of ED-Dabaa NPP (total capacity – 4.8 GW). Moscow In 2015, I agreed to issue $ 25 billion to Cairo under the project for $ 25 billion, and the sources of “alongthecoastcottage” have long assured that the “project is ready”, but the final documents did not appear. Since 2016, “alongthecoastcottage” was directly connected by negotiations on nuclear power plants and flights, including the wishes of Abdel-Fattach as-Sisi to declare immediately about everything as part of Vladimir Putin’s personal visit to the country. Egyptian President himself assured that there is no such connection. Nevertheless, the President of the Russian Federation announced the restoration of flights only after the presence of His and Abdel-Fattach as-Sisi head of Rosatom Alexey Likhachev signed a contract for the construction of nuclear power plants with Egypt’s energy minister Mohammed Shaker.

As Cairo Airport again checked for security

Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Maxim Sokolov clarified that air traffic with Egypt could resume in February 2018. Protocol Moscow is ready to sign in the coming days, the deadlines depend primarily from the Egyptian side. However, only regular flights between Moscow and Cairo are discussed, and not charter programs for resorts. The source of “alongthecoastcottage” explained in one of the profile departments: the Russian side recognizes what Cairo Airport is technically ready to provide aircraft safety within the framework of the requirements, but the work in Sharm-Esheich and Hurghada work is not completed and the positive conclusion has not yet been issued.

Before the cessation of flights, Egypt was the most popular tourist destination in the Russian Federation: Over the ten months of 2015, 4.4 million passengers were transported there with regular flights and 3.6 million charters. Interest in Egypt among Russian tourists persists: According to OneTwotrip, for the 11 months of 2017, sales of air tickets to the country increased by 30%, 92% of passengers fly to the resorts by connecting flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg. According to Biletix, the number of tickets for regular flights with transfers to Egypt has grown by 32% compared with 2016. However, with a tour frequency before the scale of the scale of these “wild” connecting trips, non-performing – there are no official absolute numbers, but, according to sources “alongthecoastcottage”, “relying on the data of cellular operators, one can say that 5-7 thousand. Russians per month, “that is, no more than 1% of the former flow.

Russian travelers have mastered independent trips to Egypt

Meanwhile, tour operators doubt that the opening of flights to Cairo will actually improve the situation with the availability of Egypt resorts. Igor Blinov from Onlinetur.RU notes that “theoretically you can organize a transplantation in Cairo for another flight to the resort, but tourists can now fly to Egypt with docks through third countries, and we will talk about the high cost of the flight”. According to him, the ground path from Cairo in Sharm-Eshech (more than 500 km) or Hurghada (more than 450 km) will take about seven hours. But Mr. Blinov adds that the resumption of flights with Egypt can increase interest in him of independent travelers. Member of the State Duma Committee on Defense Maxim Shinharkin believes that the weakness of public administration in Egypt and the political interests of the country “do not give grounds for optimism in part of bilateral flights”.

The parameters of the contract “Rosatom” are not too clear. According to Alexei Likhachev, the cost of the project “in basic figures” – up to $ 21 billion, the end of the construction of all blocks – 2028-2029. It is less than previously assumed, and, apparently, the volume of the Russian State Credit will also decrease. In the initial arrangements, it was laid that the StateCredit will cover 85% of the project cost, another 15% will invest Egypt. Earlier in the media appeared for the period of 15 years and the rate of 3% per annum, the usual rate for such State Credits of the Russian Federation is about 4%. The rate of 3% is quite low, says Natalia Porokhov from an acre, taking into account the fact that Egyptian sovereign bonds are traded by 16% per annum. Rosatom will also receive a standard NPP for its projects in third countries a contract for fuel for all 60 years of planned work station, as well as an unusual contract for dry storage for spent nuclear fuel (SNF). This means that for a long time (approximately, the next few decades), SNF with Ed Dabaa may not return to the Russian Federation for processing.

NPPs in Egypt persecuted in Goskredit

The construction of nuclear power plants in Egypt puts Cairo in a number of Rosatom’s largest customers (comparable or greater order made only China, India and Turkey). The presence of the State Credit is a standard model for Rosatom projects, it compresses the majority of competitors who do not have state support, and at the same time almost immediately returns the bulk of funds in the Russian Federation due to the availability of non-alternative Russian project, equipment and services for construction. Ed-Dabaa on local contractors will have only 20% (general construction works are usually localized). Egypt chronically suffers from the energy deficiency: to the “Arab Spring”, who stopped investment, Cairo was going to introduce up to 30 GW to 2020, which is comparable to all the power plants in the Russian Federation over the past ten years.

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