Russia has joined countries suspending…

Jim Cramer reacts to the growing list of countries suspending AstraZeneca vaccine

Russia joined the countries suspending ..

Russia has joined countries suspending flights with the connected kingdom. Comforted COVID-blocked by new strains of coronavirus appear not for the first time. About the new variety of COVID in the UK, they spoke back in mid-September. Last week, the World Health Organization (WHO), David Nabarro, explained David Nabarro on Sky News, that the new mutation “seems more contagious, but it does not seem more dangerous”. Last week, the UK Health Minister Matt Hancock confirmed: British scientists believe that the rapid spread of coronavirus in London and in the southeast of England are probably associated with the new strain of the virus. “Due to the rapid spread of a new type of virus, on the basis of preliminary forecasts and a rapidly growing number of infection in the south-east of England, the consulting council on new and emerging respiratory viral threats now believes that a new type of virus can spread with more speed,” quotes RIA Novosti Saturday Statement of the Chief Doctor of England Professor Chris Whitty.

After that, the events developed rapidly. Already on Saturday, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson held an emergency meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, and then announced the abolition of the elections planned for the Christmas time for London.

In the capital, shops, gyms and hairdressers were closed again, and it was forbidden to meet with other families for Christmas. Many Londoners after that hurried to leave the city.

By Sunday, in Britain, the number of new cases of coronavirus caused 35.9 thousand.- record indicator from the beginning of the pandemic. It is assumed that two thirds of new cases fall on the capital and southeast of England, but British scientists say that they need a few more days for more detailed research. Monday, Mr. Johnson will also hold a meeting of the Cobra Emergency Committee.

Meanwhile, if at the beginning of the year, as the virus spreads the world, the border was closed gradually, this time after the application of the British leader of the country decided to interrupt flights with the United Kingdom avalanche-like.

Germany, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Finland, Morocco, Colombia, Netherlands, Argentina, Croatia, Canada, Norway, Iran, Portugal, Poland, Denmark, Bolagriya, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Norway and even the neighboring Republic of Ireland one after another declared their decision Take flights from Great Britain for a period from several days to several weeks. Israel and individual states announced the termination of air traffic immediately with several countries where a new strain was discovered – Great Britain, Dania and South Africa. Saudi Arabia and at all for a week suspended all international flights and closed entry into the country and through the land borders.

Flights from Great Britain continued to arrive in Russia. “Of course, we are observing the greatest attention and track information that comes from scientists from the UK on this topic,” spokesman for the Russian Federation Dmitry Sandkov noted on Monday. And after a couple of hours, the decision on the “temporary termination of flights with the UK in connection with the worsening of the epidemiological situation” was published in the Operational Headquarters for Combating COVID-19. Restrictions come into force from 0 hours 00 minutes on December 22 and will act within a week.

“Rospotrebnadzor continues to track genetic changes in the new coronavirus in Russia and in the world that can influence the ability to identify the pathogen, treatment and prevention of COVID-19. If necessary, additional measures will be taken, the report says.

The Government of the Russian Federation reported that the situation with the advent of the new strain of Coronavirus in the UK “is carefully studied by the operational headquarters”: “Following its consideration, further decisions will be made”. According to the “alongthecoastcottage” source close to the situation, a certain “summary” should also be expected during the week until new restrictions apply.

Meanwhile, experts generally react to panic wave restrained. “I still do not see any reasons for concern,” said Assistant Minister of Health USA Brett Dzirouar. And the head of the Ministry of Health of Germany Jens Scpp noted: it is still believed that the vaccines that appeared are effective for a new strain. “If short: so far nothing is particularly clear, the data on this new strain is a bit, and the tightening of the quarantine regime is a preventive measure. So that it does not happen, so to speak, – summarized on their page on Facebook journalist and molecular biologist Irina Yakutenko.- worry that now we all definitely die, do not. At least for now”.

Infectiousist, head physician of the medical center “Leader-Medicine” Yevgeny Timakov calls the emergence of a new strain of coronavirus “absolutely normal and logical”:

“Thousands of viruses mutate thousands of viruses every day, this does not mean that we have thousands of different epidemics. Coronavirus mutation in the UK from the most eighth. There will be ninth, and tenth “. Mr. Timakov draws attention that in Russia there are two main subspecies of coronavirus infection – European and Asian, and “small mutations” occur constantly. At the same time Asian, that is, the first strain, meets in the population more and less. The viral infection “is not profitable to kill its owner,” says the doctor, therefore the mortality from COVID-19 will soon be reduced: “Coronavirus will become so that it is easier and faster to transmit, to multiply in the human body, without causing him strong harm. We already have four strains of coronavirus infection, which annually cause from 10 to 30% of all ORVI. I am more than confident, at first they also caused complications, and then adapted to man “.

“Most mutations that occur with the virus or harmful to him or mean nothing. Therefore, the formation of new strains that are dangerous to us or have properties, is rare, “says the molecular biologist Sergey Kharitonov.

He explains that in the case of the last strains of COVID-19, the mutation occurred in the protein, which is responsible for penetration into the cells, so it is more contagious. “This is evident due to the fact that a significant percentage of coronavirus cases in the UK is called by a new strain. Another thing is that this does not mean anything about how difficult the disease is in humans, because contrast is not directly related to the severity of the current, – tells the biologist.- Moreover, there is hope that in the process of mutation the virus will be moved easier, because useful mutations for the virus are those that allow him to live longer “. Mr. Kharitonov also suggests that the emergence of a new strain will not affect the effectiveness of the vaccine. “With the worst scenario, the change in the protein will block the operation of one class of antibodies, but it cannot completely turn off the vaccine. For example, our vaccine “satellite V” produces an integrated immune response, not only antibodies that will be exactly more than one type, but also a cellular immune response “.

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