Return of freedom of bars and rallies in the United States returned…


Return of freedom of bars and rallies in the United States returned ..

The return of freedom of bars and rallies in the United States returned freedom Coronavirudonald Trump goes to the second hot-dipping figures forced the state authorities to speak with calls to residents not to go outside without any need. "Now the spread is very active, and none of the reasons for entering the street will be convincing. If the exit from the house is not an emergency, then it is at home now the safest place is now, "said KBTX government governor Texas Greg Abbott. According to him, the sanitary authorities have already called for the constant wearing of masks and the observance of the distance in bars. At the same time, Mr. Ebbott promised: if the spread of the virus continues, new measures will be introduced.

And these measures can be not only throughout the state. So, on June 21, Texas authorities for a month suspended the license for the sale of alcohol in bars, where measures are not respected to prevent the dissemination of infection. In particular, the bars are prescribed to ensure expiration only by 50%, and customer groups at the tables or at the bar counter racks to breed two meters.

Until the United States is waiting for a new COVID strike, the president quit for himself for jokes about the Chinese virus

Governor California Gavin News, in turn, decided to inspire the state inhabitants to appeal to the Holy Scriptures. "Love your neighbors, like yourself, please," said Mr. Newsus, explaining that wearing masks, preservation of the distance and regular hand washing helps people to protect not only themselves, but also other fellow citizens.

"Take care of mom, dad, mother-in-law, mother-in-law, herbs, grandparents," said the governor.



Governor of Florida Ron Desantis suggested that the increased number of positive diagnoses is associated with broader testing. Nevertheless, the mayor of one of the largest cities of the state – Miami – asked the city council to introduce a fine of $ 250 for the appearance in a public place without a mask.



Three the most densely populated states the rise of the wave of coronavirus is not exhausted. In state Arizona, For example, just a few days ago, President Donald Trump conducted a pre-election rally, recorded the highest increase in the number of people infected (38 new infected per 100 thousand. human). In state Louisiana Governor John Edwards decided to extend quarantine restrictions for another month. "Talking by a simple language, we are not moving in that direction. We have more cases, we can write off only to more active testing, "said Mr. Edwards. In total, according to the latest data, the crying of infection compared with the last week's indicators goes up in 26 states.

Supporters Donald Trump on his election rally in Oklahoma

Photo: Leah Millis, Reuters

On this background New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, which were previously epicenters of the disease, released a appeal, calling for all visitors from the states with a high level of contamination of COVID-19 to self-priced for two weeks. The execution will depend on the states themselves: New York's authorities have already promised that self-isolation violators will threaten the judicial prescription, establishing quarantine in forced. For the refusal to strict adherence to this quarantine will be fined: first at $ 2 thousand., then $ 5 thousand., Plus $ 10 thousand., If the violation has led to the health of other people.

"This is not a polishing recommendation, this is a tough Council, issued on the basis of the recommendations of health professionals in the field of health. We ask people to take on a large share of personal responsibility, to do the right thing for themselves, and for our families, and for the whole society, and for all of us, "the New Jersey State Governor Fil Murphy commented on the innovation.

In connection with what events doctors warned the United States about the second wave of COVID-19

This step has become the consequence of the lack of a nationwide solution and a high degree of state autonomy. In particular, the 19 states of the United States do not even require the inhabitants to wear masks. This drew attention to this state governor of New York Andrew Kuomo. "New York was a state with one of the highest levels of infection in the country, and became a staff with one of the lowest. That's all because we made decisions based on science, and not to politics. We see what is happening in the states where the discovery (exit from quarantine regime.- "alongthecoastcottage") does not relieve numbers: it's bad and health care, and for economics.

The states that opened hastily see how their decision beats themselves, "the head of the region intended accuratibly.



In total, more than 2.3 million infected, the number of dead exceeded 121.2 thousand. "The number of infected in large cities is growing rapidly, and some models predict a kind of apocalypse," said CNN infectious player Peter HooTez. According to him, not only the number of infected, but also the number of hospitalized, as well as the number of employed artificial ventilation devices (IVL) is growing. "Once the moment will come when IVL is not enough, and then the Mortality will go up and then the death rate will go, – gloomily predicted Mr. Hooooth.



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