Restrictions are returned in the country due to coronaulus…

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Restrictions are returned in the country due to coronaulusAlskOB ..

In the country, restrictions are returned due to the coronaulus. Kingdom was configured to the second worried the course of his speech, the prime minister announced a number of measures, which, in his opinion, would help slow the speed of dissemination of the disease. So, from Thursday, all pubs, bars and restaurants will have to serve only at the tables, with the exception of the deposit service. All such institutions will be closed at 22:00 local time. From now on employees of retail stores, all users of taxis and private vehicles will be required to wear protective masks. The permissible number of guests at weddings should not exceed 15 people, guests on the burial ceremonies – 30 people.

The number of categories of persons falling under the so-called “Rule of Six” are expanding, according to which more than six people cannot meet together. Office staff will have to work as far as possible. The number of public events will be reduced. Conferences and sporting events that were planned to be resolved from the beginning of October until they were postponed.

The penalty for the disintegration of masks will double, that is, will be £200 (19.4 thousand. rub.).

New rules will be distributed only to England. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, health policies are determined by their autonomous administrations, which are expected to teach their decision on new measures in the coming days.

The rules proposed by the prime minister were the answer to the sharp growth of contaminated coronavirus this month, as a result of which, on Saturday, the British leader was forced to state: the new Pandemic wave is “absolutely inevitable”. Information that the government is preparing to the second wave of COVID-19, circulated in British media throughout the past week, when the level of the number of infected reached 3-4.3 thousand. Man per day. In August, for comparison, it was about the daily identification of 1.752 thousand., and in July – 1.24 thousand. Patients. However, the mortality rate remains at the level of August: for example, last week as a result of a pandemic daily died of five to 27 British. On Monday, the UK was 11 dead from COVID-19.

Joint Biosafety Center (JBC), created by the British government for making decisions regarding the pandemic, on Monday raised the level of the risk of the disease for the public from the third to the fourth. Thus, on the conclusion of the experts of the center, the rate of spread of the epidemic was “high or grow exponentially”.

And the chief scientific adviser to the government of the United Kingdom Sir Patrick Vallans on the same day warned: “If we (British government.- “alongthecoastcottage”) We will not change the course “, the number of infected will increase twice every seven days.

That is, by mid-November, about 50 thousand can be counted daily. new infected.

Although the trend looks anxious, the Prime Minister assured: speeches about “return to complete isolation, which was in March”, in no case goes. In other words, enterprises, schools, colleges and universities stay open to visit. Recall that when Quarantine was declared in the spring, the Government of Britain requested citizens not to go to the streets, except for the products and on a run, and business then actually stood on a pause.

Against this background, Boris Johnson announced on Tuesday, the measures look sufficiently soft. Apparently, they became an attempt to take a compromise position, reconcile two parties – those who advocate for the protection of the British economy, which in the second quarter of 2020, according to official data, fell by 20.4%, and those who consider the priority to prevent the second Pandemic waves. It does not contribute to the adoption of more sharp measures and the falling rating of the head of the United Kingdom of the United Kingdom: according to the data of the Yougov monitoring service, since March his support fell from 65% to 30%.

Nevertheless, even such a position did not help the Prime Minister to avoid criticism.

A sharply negative assessment of the actions of Mr. Johnson gave the leader of the British opposition, head of the Labor Party of Cyrus Starmer: “The Prime Minister had months to prepare for this, but instead of taking the situation under control, the government lost control,” the politician said. He noted that the introduction of a second national quarantine in the country will be a reflection of Boris Johnson’s inability to lead the country.

Not without skepticism towards the actions of the premiere and during his speech in parliament. “Unfortunately, the reason we are faced with more serious restrictions is that the government failed to create an effective testing system. Premier when you fix the testing system?”Asked Boris Johnson Deputy from the Party of Laborists Stephanie Picok.

Problems in the field of testing on COVID-19 – this is generally one of the most discussed topics in the British press.

In September, the media were littered with letters with complaints from British that they have to travel 200-300 miles (320-480 km) to laboratories to pass the test. Another direction of criticism is the speed of receiving tests. According to the NHS Test and Trace developed by the Government of the NHS Test and Trace, the establishment of which Boris Johnson had previously called the “world victory”, in the first week of September, the British, giving tests on COVID-19 personally, only in third cases received the result in a day, although at the end of August managed Performance for 24 hours in more than 60% of cases. The dissatisfaction of the British level of testing is also confirmed by the social skins: according to Yougov data from September 17, 68% of respondents believe that the government coped with testing “very bad” or “pretty bad”.

In the opinion of the British Premier, the failures of the Test and Trace system “have nothing to do with the distribution and transmission of the disease”.

“This is a shame that the Laborian opposition continues to blame NHS Test and Trace in the resumption of the disease. Distribution and transfer of the disease are caused by contacts between people and other factors that we are trying to minimize, “the politician parched.

However, he could not say how soon the British government will be able to increase the speed of the testing system. Mr. Johnson only said: “By the end of October we will double our testing opportunities up to 500 thousand. Tests per day, and we are already testing more people than any other country in Europe “. And he graduated from his speech at an even more optimistic note – the words that “the situation will be much better for the spring”.

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