Moscow began to detain and finally be penalized by coronavirus…

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In Moscow, began to detain and finally be coronavirus patients ..

In Moscow, they began to detain and fined the patients with coronavirus motorist infection deprive the wheelSpectors detained his car in the parking lot at Metro store at 104 km MKAD (intersection with Schelkovskiy highway). Employees of the traffic police in contact with the intruder did not enter – they only checked the documents from him through the window and asked not to leave the car. Soon Madi and ambulance officers arrived at the scene. With the detainee, Communicated Madi employee in full protection (overalls, mask and gloves). The driver began to explain that “Packages” in the infectious hospital, but it did not help.

How in Moscow began to finish the intruders of self-insulation

Citizen was taken out at ambulance in the hospital, his car was disinfected and taken to the specialist. For moving and storage of transport in the parking lot will not need to pay. The car will give him as soon as the driver confirms that he has cured and is not ill coronavirus. In relation to a citizen, MADI amounted to a protocol on administrative offense under Part 4 of Article 3.eighteen.1 COAP of Moscow (violation of self-insulation regime with the “use of a vehicle”). The penalty is 5 thousand. rub.

According to “alongthecoastcottage”, in the “Development”, the authorities have several more citizens, they are also planned to be delayed today.

Another traffic police driver detained the Altufyev highway on a double. The motorist (native of Armenia) fell ill with Coronavirus and was supposed to be self-medicated from March 29, but today I went along with my wife for products. His BMW was already taken to the stroke, the car owner, along with his wife, was taken to the ambulance.

Violated quarantine driver at the time of detention

Photo: Madi

Both detainees were confident that healthy and can move around the city because they did a test on COVID-19. “Why do I carry me if I don’t get sick,” the BMW owner asked. “And how did you define it?”- answered Madi inspector. “I got the answer, smear took! Said that negative. You deserve patients here, and not quarantine!”, – argued the car owner. “And here is the answer, you hang in the database of quarantine,” Madi employee answered. A similar dialogue took place earlier between the inspector and the owner of Ford Mondeo. On Friday, it became known that in some tests can give a false negative result.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has promised the day before to start from April 9, “Hard” punish the quarantine violators moving around the city on personal cars. New metropolitan CACAP, which makes it possible to apply increased sanctions against citizens, is valid from April 2. Mr. Sobyanin stressed that the punishment would affect those citizens who are on official quarantine, that is, patients with coronavirus on home treatment, their close relatives, in contact with sick, as well as those who returned from foreign trips.

Practice of movement of vehicles on a stradition of the challenge illegal, considers the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Gosstroiteli Vyacheslav Lysakov.

The new Norma Code of Moscow refers to Article 27.13 COAP of Russia, which does not provide for the evacuation of cars of persons who violate Quarantine, explained the deputy. In the recent agreement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Government of Moscow (on the use of the metropolitan code) of this also not provided. “Citizens concerned about this situation for me,” said Mr. Lysakov, “Kommersant.- It is bad that the whole negative will eventually go on the police who are forced to perform illiterately written laws “.

“For some reason, not those who, by virtue of the resolution of a sanitary doctor, should be on quarantine or isolation, but those citizens who did not have any data on the presence of diseases, but at the same time they fell into the unknown” base “,— Says a lawyer, lawyer movement “Freedom of choice” Sergey Radko.— The legality of evacuation is also a big question. Regional laws cannot establish grounds for the detention of a car not established by the Federal Code “. There may be a problem with receiving a car, Mr. Radko notes, because “self-insulated” the owner is under the supervision of doctors, and any relative or acquaintance when trying to get a car or when leaving it, it can be punished. “The need to obtain a car is not respectful to exit home and move around the city, including by car,— Says an expert.

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