Ministry of Health will qualify for coronavirus vaccination…

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The Ministry of Health will change the rules of vaccination from coronavirus ..

The Ministry of Health will change the rules of vaccination from coronavirus for physicians and teachers. Will put the rebrocalism issued a relevant order at the end of December last year. Vaccination on epidemias are carried out “in the threat of an epidemic or outbreak (natural disasters, large accidents on a plumbing and sewage network), as well as during the epidemic period”. After the entry of the document into force among citizens attributed to the agency to priority recipients of the vaccine, concerns arose about the voluntaryness of the procedure. Moreover, as “alongthecoastcottage”, representatives of socially significant professions – doctors, teachers, social workers – began to report to comprehend abandoned dismissal. The Ministry of Education of Russia and the All-Russian Education Union of Education in March 2021 appealed to the Ministry of Education. Labor department referred to the comment by Rospotrebnadzor. They specified that in the threat of the occurrence and distribution of infectious diseases, which are dangerous to others, the main state sanitary doctors of the subjects of Russia and their deputies are endowed with the authority to “make motivated orders to conduct preventive vaccinations to citizens or individual groups of citizens in epidemic testimony”. “Only in the presence of such resolutions, the rejection of vaccination on epidemic testimony may entail removal from work,” “alongthecoastcottage” said in Rospotrebnadzor. Currently, in any subject, such decrees were not accepted, which means that voluntary vaccination for all categories of citizens.

The situation will change if the prophylaxis of coronavirus will include in the national calendar of preventive vaccinations. Now there are vaccinations from hepatitis B, poliomyelitis, diphtheria, tetanus, koky, measles, rubella, influenza. Injections are voluntary for all citizens and are required for those whose professions enter the government list of works related to high risk to infect infectious disease. It includes health workers employed in certain areas of health (working with patients with infectious diseases, working with blood and human biological fluids) and educational institutions.

The source in the government confirmed “alongthecoastcottage” that the Ministry of Health makes the vaccination against coronavirus mandatory for physicians and teachers.

“When the vaccination is included in the overall calendar, it will become mandatory for a number of professions, respectively, the employer will have the right to apply such administrative sanctions as removal from work or refusal to accept the work of the new employee,” the source said.

The first complaint of Russia from Russia for forced hospitalization is sent to the ECHR forced hospitalization due to COVID-19

Lawyer, representative of the European Association of Medical Law in Russia Alexei Gorytinov confirmed “B”, that if the initiative of the Ministry of Health will enter into force, “undoubtedly” categories of citizens like teachers and teachers enter the obligatory vaccination. This, according to Mr. Goryajov, will be the basis for all measures provided for by the law that an employer can accept in case of refusal. The managing partner of the legal “Legals-Bureau” Maria Spiridonova reminded that in accordance with. 11 FZ “On the Sanitary and Epidemiological Welfare of the Population” Employers must comply with the requirements of sanitary legislation and conduct preventive measures.

Chairman of the Board of the Association of Lawyers of Russia Vladimir Gruzdev reported “alongthecoastcottage”, according to the law, the purchase of vaccines in the framework of the calendar of prophylactic vaccinations on epidospositiones is carried out at the expense of regional budgets. Making the proposed changes to the draft law, according to him, will allow vaccine to be purchased at the expense of the federal budget.

“It is assumed that in 2021, more than 31.3 billion rubles will be allocated for the purchase of vaccines. In 2022-2024 it is planned to allocate 22.2 billion annually, “said Mr. Gruzdev.

This, in the opinion of a lawyer, will help to achieve the state of the goals: for confident control and stabilization of epilation, vaccination coverage, according to the Ministry of Health, should be at least 60% of the country’s adult population.

Most doctors and nurses understand the need for vaccination, approves the chairman of the trade union of health workers “Action” Andrei Konoval. “At the same time, according to our estimates, some of them are morally and psychologically ready for vaccination,” he said “Kommers. According to Mr. Konovala, in recent weeks, the trade union receives complaints of medicines that the leadership “orally” threatens with removal in case of refusal of vaccination. However, “to real measures,” he adds until it reached. Andrei Konoval believes that the need for vaccination from a number of infectious diseases and the opportunity for the employer to remove the employee does not contradict the “norm on the voluntary of medical intervention”:

“We and the work is free, and the choice of a medical profession is voluntary. Nevertheless, we believe the trade union that until the final completion of the third phase of the tests would make sense not to oblige all the health workers to make vaccinations “.

Chairman of the Trade Union “Alliance Teachers” Daniel Ken considers the inclusion of vaccination against coronavirus to the National Calcaler with the correct measure, but pays attention to the fact that teachers are often not informed, both about the virus and the vaccine. Because of this, he believes, “a lot of failures on irrational grounds”. Mr. Ken notes that in recent times the attitude of teachers has changed to vaccination: “People in general ceased to be afraid. General attitude Such: Once you are required to do, I will go and do “.

In the Ministry of Health “alongthecoastcottage” did not commented on the preparing bill.

Update. After publishing a publication in the Ministry of Health “alongthecoastcottage” reported that the issue of incorporating a new coronavirus infection in the national calendar of preventive vaccinations was “worked out. “Approaches to the formation of a list of categories of citizens who need to take place vaccination is currently being discussed with the involvement of the expert community and public associations. Note that vaccination is a reliable way to avoid severe flow and adverse outcomes of the disease, “said the department.

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