Managing Director of PJSC “Izhstal” Sergey Kozrennov…

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Managing Director of PJSC 'Izhstal' Sergey Kozrennov ..

Managing Director of PJSC “Izhstal” Sergey Kozrennov on the results of the year “We are focused on the domestic consumer” – in the past year we fulfilled all the tasks that set themselves. Slave steel increased by 21% to 315 thousand. tons. Production of finished rental brought to 352 thousand. tons – it’s 3% more than in 2016. The volume of shipped products increased by 16%, while the revenue increased by 30% and reached 18.7 billion rubles.

What can be said about the modernization of the enterprise? What plans for 2018?

Let me remind you that in 2012 the plant has completed a large-scale technical re-equipment program. Within its framework, the root reconstruction of steel-smelting capacity and deep modernization of rolling production. The plant has reached a qualitatively new level of technical development and, which is very important, retained the specialization of the manufacturer of special steels and alloys. Today we produce metal products according to the most advanced technologies in compliance with the requirements of world quality standards.

Of course, this modernization was key to an enterprise. Today we are implementing individual projects. Last year, the rolling mill 450 was reconstructed on its own, expanding the size range of the rolled steel produced to 180 mm, while on the passport he could roll the circles of the maximum diameter of 120 mm. Additionally installed the timeline of “thick” circles. All this made it possible to increase the production volume of the mill 450 by 30%.

This year, they put into operation a line of trim rental of the German company KieSerling for the production of shuffling rods with a diameter of from 10 to 25 mm from the entire marking nomenclature of steel produced by the plant, including stainless, instrumental and high-speed brands. This is a very popular product type. Market Analysis shows that the need for a sharpeble rental is increasingly shifted towards “thin” sizes, and today it consists of 80% of diameters 16-25 mm. But no less important is the products with high value added. The launch of the new line will allow us to increase the volume of production of high-day products by 250-300 tons per month.

In the group “Mechel”, except “Izhstal”, there are other metallurgical enterprises. As far as the plant today is involved in the intragroup cooperation? Under what conditions it is carried out?

– The group “Mechel” includes almost a century of a dozen large industrial enterprises. All of them work in a single production chain from raw materials to finished products. For example, our factory receives a part of the workpiece from the Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Combine. This gives us the opportunity, firstly, to optimally download our rolling mills, and secondly, to use the released steel-smelting capacity for smelting more expensive, and therefore more favorable from an economic point of view of the sorting. From the same ChmK and other metallurgical enterprises of the group we get a doped metal scrap, which allows us to reduce the purchase of expensive ferroalloys.

On the other hand, we are suppliers of a stainless workpiece for enterprises of the Group – Ural Forge (Chebarkul – Kommersant) and Beloretsky Metallurgical Combine. Both enterprises produce high redistribution products: “Uralkuz” – stamping and forgings, BMK – hardware.

In addition, today Izhstal provides the enterprises of the Mining Division “Mechel” and the same BMK products of foundry production.

Such close interaction reduces costs and increase the efficiency of production of each individual enterprise, creates a powerful synergistic effect for the company as a whole.

This year you announced the growth of shipment to enterprises of Belarus. Is it planned to expand the geography of the supply?

– We are focused mainly on the domestic consumer. Our client base is very extensive – more than 1.5 thousand. customers. These are enterprises of auto industry, mechanical engineering, aircraft manufacturers, producers of mining and agricultural machinery, oil and gas industry.

Export is about 7% of total production. Belarus is one of our priority sales markets. Among the Belarusian consumers of our products, such largest enterprises of the republic, like MAZ, “Minsk Tractor Plant”, “Minsk Plant of Wheel Tractor”, “Gomselmash”, “Agrostroy”, “Specagro”.

In addition to Belarus, we deliver metal to Belgium, France, Bulgaria, Germany, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Does the influence on the exchange rate of the currency exchange rate? Whether the rise in prices for the procurement of raw materials from other countries is observed?

– Given the fact that the lion’s share of our revenue is ruble, currency rates have a slight impact on the work of the plant. We are focused not only on domestic metal consumers, but also on domestic suppliers of raw materials and TMC. Most of the equipment introduced during the reconstruction period – imported. Part of it is unique, manufactured taking into account the specifics of our production. Despite this, in the process of repairs, we use every opportunity to replace the node or device to the Russian analog. Sometimes it has to make adjustments to the existing technological process. But our specialists cope with this task without loss of final product quality. As for the metallurgical raw materials, it is only domestic production.

Do Izhstal cooperates with other enterprises located in Udmurtia? What exactly?

– Yes, we cooperate with the enterprises of Udmurtia. Among our consumers – the “Votkin Plant”, “Kalashnikov Concern”, “Izhevsky Mechanical Plant”, “Izhevsk Motion” Axion-Holding “, Izhevsky Executive-Mechanical Plant, Spring NPC, a range of metal-speaking companies.

Who is the largest customers of the enterprise?

-These are GAZ, UAZ, MAZ, MTZ, Beloretsky plant of spring springs, sore mechanical plant, Kovdorsky GOK, NPF “Evrodetal”, CJSC Rustranklekt, Chelyabinsk plant of superhard materials, Tikhvin Carriage factory.

Does the enterprise “Personnel Hunger”? Specialists of which directions are required?

– Like many other enterprises, Izhstal lacks skilled workers, especially metallurgical specialties. But on the All-Russian personnel problem, local peculiarities are superimposed. In Udmurtia, there are no educational institutions where experts metallurgists would prepare. In IzhSTU NAM. Kalashnikova is the department “Processing Metals Pressure”, but this does not solve the problem: its graduates can only fill the factory need.

There are such specialties, for example, a rolling mill roller carrier, which are not trained anyway. You can only get a profession in production, spending on a particular mill 2-3 years. Moreover, when moving to another rolling mill, you will have to learn again, because everywhere its specificity.

Today, many processes in metallurgy are automated, but in comparison with other areas of activity, labor conditions require greater hardness of nature. Few young people are ready to exchange office on the production shop.

We are partly trying to solve the personnel problem on their own. “Izhstal” has its own accredited training center, in which you can get a working specialty, improve your qualifications or get an adjacent profession. We annually teach hundreds of people necessary for plant specialties.

If a person worked on “Izhstal” at least half a year, will remain for life. Because Metallurgists are a special castle. It is impossible to work for hot production and not feel an integral part of the team.

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