“Kommersant” found out how the mass vaccination from COVidge will pass…

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“alongthecoastcottage” found out how the mass vaccination from COVidge is held as on needles “you must report on readiness with the application plan for vaccination, including information about the organization of transportation and storage of the vaccine within the region,” the Deputy Prime Minister demanded.

She was also interested in information on the availability of special equipment “to ensure the temperature regime in accordance with the instructions for medical vaccine "Satellite V"”, The number of” trained for vaccination of medical personnel “, list of vaccine storage and vaccination sites,” including information on the possibility of bringing citizens to the point of vaccination “. “After receipt of information, it will be generalized, and we will inform you the volume of vaccines that will go to the subjects of the Russian Federation in December to start vaccination of the population, – appealed to representatives of the regional authorities Tatiana Golikova.- We expect that you give all this information today, and we can in more detail next week, taking into account the practical application to start implementing this task “.

Recall, the Vaccine “Satellite V” of the Gamalei Institute was registered in Russia in August 2020. Another drug was registered in the fall – “Epivakkoron” of the Novosibirsk Center for Rospotrebnadzor “Vector”. His vaccine is preparing the center of Chumakov RAS.

On Thursday, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov could not name to journalists of the exact date of the start of mass vaccination of Russians, but reported on “expectations” to start it before the new year.

At the same time, in his opinion, the word “mass” is not quite suitable for the vaccination process in Russia: “It is important to proceed from the fact that it is voluntary. Now is premature yet (call expected massive mass vaccination.- “alongthecoastcottage”). Definitely, it will be gradually, taking into account the geography of our country, taking into account the storage conditions of the substance “.

Following Mrs. Golikova and “alongthecoastcottage” decided to find out how preparations for the beginning of vaccination in the regions.

IN Perm Territory Her start is scheduled for early 2021. The Deputy Chairman of the Regional Government on Health Affairs Sergey Nikiforov did not rule out that the first vaccine party could enter the region until the end of this year. Delivery is expected to 2290 doses.

The Perm Ministry of Health primarily implies to instill citizens categories that contact with a large number of people – health workers, teachers, social workers.

Recall, voluntary vaccination of physicians and teachers in Russia began a few months ago.

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Source “alongthecoastcottage” in Bashkiria, familiar with the situation, said that in the near future, about 1 thousand can enter the region. Doses of Vaccine. Physics, social workers, policemen will also be grafted, the interlocutor said, and the mass vaccination of power is planning to start in March next year. IN Orenburg region and Primorsky Krai, According to regional meetings, the beginning of mass vaccination is also expected in 2021. The same applies to Udmurtia, Where is in full swing Purchase of equipment for storage and transportation of vaccine. Source in government Crimea Republic stated “alongthecoastcottage” that this process on the peninsula is likely to be organized after the new year.

“We are not talking about the mass vaccination of the population yet,” said “alongthecoastcottage” in the Ministry of Health Tatarstan, Noting that the first supply of vaccines will be intended for doctors.

There reported that the receipt is expected before the end of the year. “When a large batch is received, then the mass vaccination will begin,” the press secretary of the Ministry of Health said “Kommersant Irkutsk region Victoria Kanina.- But it depends on Moscow. We are waiting for her no earlier than the next year. “.

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In the Ministry of Health Saratov region expect delivery to the region of 2 thousand. Dose vaccine in the coming days. First of all, doctors will be vaccinated, then the vaccine will be sent to the counseled hospitals, and then the wishing to citizens. “We already have a queue about 2 thousand. Man, in turn, we will vaccinate everyone, “explained” Kommersant “Advisor to the Minister of Health of the Saratov Region Alexander Bellolov. Vaccination points have not yet been created here. “It is not for long,” Mr. Bellolov explained.

How did you assure “alongthecoastcottage” and. about. Deputy Minister of Health Magadan region Bella Kapalkova, the medical staff passed the necessary briefing, debugged the diagram of delivery and storage of the drug, prepared vaccine items. How many of them will be involved in the vaccination campaign will be determined later.

Currently, officials expect the receipt of the administrative documents and recommendations from the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and the substance itself.

First of all, it is also planned to instill physicians who work with sick COVID-19.

After the receipt of a large batch of the drug will be formed a vaccination schedule, outlined plans in the Ministry of Health Ulyanovsk region. According to this schedule, “Citizens will be notified and arrived independently in Ulyanovsk from areas of the region”. It is also noted that “the delivery of citizens to vaccination from the municipalities of the Ulyanovsk region is planned to be attracted by the transport of municipal entities in coordination with the heads of the districts”.

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In the Ministry of Health Kamchatka Region refrain from comment on the topic of coronavirus vaccination. According to “alongthecoastcottage”, the appropriate orders of doctors have not yet been received. In local polyclinics, there is an acute shortage of therapists, most of the district doctors on hospital. There are medical institutions, where from four or five therapists in the ranks remains only one.

Head of the Ministry of Health Sakhalin region Vladimir Kuznetsov did not exclude that mass vaccination here can start over the next two weeks. While it is known only about one point where it will be held: the regional clinical hospital has already received accreditation.

According to the official, “negotiations with federal authorities and medical institutions about the release of drugs are underway, the logistics of the delivery of the vaccine on the islands is being worked out.

The chief sanitary doctor of the Sakhalin region Olga Foundusova said that, according to the agency’s estimates, the immunity to the new coronavirus infection already have about 18% of the inhabitants of the region (about 90 thousand. human; officially confirmed cases on Sakhalin and Kurilh about 11 thousand.). Therefore, before the start of vaccination, she noticed, it is planned to be a comprehensive screening of the inhabitants in order to understand how much of these vaccine is necessary.

In the Ministry of Health Bashkiria “alongthecoastcottage” reported that they do not have information about the upcoming vaccination: “There are no orders and documents for this occasion”.

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Mayor Moscow Sergei Sobyanin on Thursday reported that the capital is actively preparing for the beginning of mass vaccination: 300 points were prepared, where there will be vaccinated, and the recording will be carried out in electronic form. However, the terms of procedure Mr. Sobyanin did not call. The press secretary of the mayor of Gulnara Penkov, to which he turned “alongthecoastcottage”, redirected the question of the operational headquarters in the apparatus of the vice-mayor of Anastasia Rakova, where the details were not disclosed.

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