It will be a response to Washington Sanctions by…

Russia to expel 10 US diplomats in response to US sanctions

It will be a response to Washington Sanctions by ..

This will be a response to Washington’s Sanctions on the “Screened” MFA proposal to close the US Consulate in St. Petersburg, over the past three days about the expulsion of Russian diplomats, following the UK, 25 countries were announced, as well as NATO. Such measures were the answer to the poisoning of Sergey Skriplia and his daughter in Julia in the British city of Salisbury: London accuses to be accused of increasing Moscow. At the same time, the United States accepted the most severe measures against Russia: 60 Russian diplomats decided to send 60 Russian diplomats from the country, as well as to close the Civil Consulate General in Seattle.

Which countries are Russian diplomats

Russian consulate will be open until five in the evening on March 30 local time. At the same time, it works “only to issuing documents”, tested the TASS CEO of the Russian Federation in Seattle Halit Aysin, stressing that from March 26, the volume of work of the Russian representation increased dramatically: the Russians are trying to manage all the necessary paper. “On Tuesday, the number of visitors approached 300. No one leads exact counts, but the turn stood from nine in the morning and up to five pm, “the diplomat noted.

After the closure of the consulate, the Russians will need to contact either the consular department of the Russian Embassy in Washington, or in the Country Consulates in New York or Houston.

Consulate workers themselves should leave the residence in Seattle until evening on April 24: they will be translated into other Russian representative offices in the US. “The exception is only those employees who end up a business trip,” Mr. Aysin explained. Seven people work now in the consulate. The safety of the empty building will provide the US State Department.

Development of sanction policy

While Moscow is considering the answer to the sanctions of Great Britain, the United States and other countries, in London, are actively discussing new restrictive measures against Russia.

So, after yesterday’s meeting of the Committee of the British House of Commons on international affairs, which discussed the “Russian assets of dubious origin”, the Financial Committee of the Lower House of Parliament of the UK began an investigation into the economic crimes related to Russia. The program received the name “Russian corruption in Britain”, transfers the BBC.

“Given the threats that the UK faces, ensuring the effectiveness of the mechanisms for the protection of our financial system from abuse has never been so important,” the head of the financial committee Nicky Morgan said.

Great Britain’s authorities work out new measures against Russia

Also, the Committee of the House of Commons on International Affairs proposed the Prime Minister of Great Britain Teresa May to introduce a ban on the sale of Russia of its sovereign debt securities in the London Stock Market, and Mrs. May agreed to consider this option of sanctions. It is reported by the British edition of The Guardian. The head of the British Mid of Boris Johnson already called such an idea of ​​”interesting”.

News on sanctions against Russia will appear in the media for a long time: in the next six years, sanction policy will develop, the report of the Russian Council on International Affairs (RSMD) “Sanctions against Russia: Escalating Directions and Counteraction Policy”, which will be published today.

“The initiators will use the most vulnerable points of domestic (Russian.- “alongthecoastcottage”) farms, society and political system, “the author of the report notes, the program director of the RSD Ivan Timofeev.

For example, new sanctions can be based on the “needs of the Russian economy in cheap loans and investments”, its dependencies “from the American Centerful World Financial System” and “Supply of high-tech equipment in a number of economics sectors, including energy”. Also, the countries introducing restrictions can use the “sensitivity” of the Russian economy “to changes in conjuncture in commodity markets”, “social vulnerability” and “risk of converting economic problems in a social protest against the background of continuing inequality”.

One of the main “pain points” of the state of Mr. Timofeev calls “the integration of the Russian elite, the intellectual and business community, major social groups in global institutions and processes”.

At the same time, the expert notes that the “seductive decision” of existing problems could be the “rupture of relations with the outside world”, but Russia “It is necessary to look for alternative ways that would allow to limit the action of sanctions”.

As the UK justified Moscow’s guilt in the poisoning of the violinist

Among these tracks, the author calls “diversification of trade and economic ties”. In particular, this is the continuation of the “turn to the East”, strengthening contacts with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region and cooperation with BRICS partners in matters of “creating alternative payment and financial systems”. The last item is observed as a particularly important, since “financial, and not trade sanctions” are most sensitive “.

Ivan Timofeev also advises to give preference to establishing links with the European Union than with the United States, since “in relations with the EU, constructive solutions and movements are possible”, while “in relations with the USA a change in negative trends is hardly possible”.

First of all, according to the expert, it is worth seeking progress in the implementation of Minsk agreements. “Even their partial execution (cessation of fire, the exchange of prisoners, the possible launch of the peacekeeping mission on the distinction line) can give impetus to the EU policy shift in relation to Russia,” the report says.

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