In the UK, there have been questions for other money…

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In the UK, questions arose to other people's money ..

In the UK, there have been questions for other money. Alexander Anichkin – From Londonasad Londongradav, the Russian press, this news was called a blow to the “oligarchs”, although the claimed “threshold of claims” is low — from 50 thousand pounds (about 4 million rubles). It is like, for example, ordinary platinum “Rolex”. Apparently, to clarify the perplexity that arose in the general public, British Security Minister Ben Wallace specifically explained to journalists: the meaning of UWO is that it can get everyone — From the street trader drugs to an international oligarch or foreign criminal. Although noted at the same time that the innovation will be aimed primarily on the iconic figures, despite international fame or influence. “Let them deputies in their own country, deputies do not get a big salary,— said Wallace,— But if suddenly they will have a pretty townhouse in Knightsbridge (rich area of ​​London.— “ABOUT”), which costs millions, and they will not be able to prove how they paid for him, we will arrest this property, we will sell it, and revenge on the financing of our law enforcement force “.

Surgon sounds, and in the “quiet harbor”, which the British financial jurisdiction was traditionally considered, began to ferment: in London, after all, Arab Sheikh, and African leaders, and many other wealthy persons with foggy origin of assets. But nevertheless, the most serious concern arose among our compatriots, and it is clear why. “Oligarch” in Britain is already inseparable from “Russian” as a swan — white and wolf — grey. And the Security Minister Wallace did not keep doubts about what category will be first to distribute UWO orders. Presenting Novation, Wallace referred to “McMaphy” (let it be a feature film, but on a documentary basis), and on “Russian Landromat (laundry.— "ABOUT") “, Described in the investigation of the international consortium of journalists, followed the streams of” dirty money “from Russia to the West in 2010-2014. It was then it turned out that through Moldovan and Latvian banks, and then through dozens of submarine firms, so-called Shell-companies, more than 20 billion dollars were derived from Russia, ultimately in London. “We know: there is undoubtedly a connection with the state,— Noted Wallace.— The point of view of our government is that we know what they do, and that we will not allow it to continue. When we get to you, we will do you, and your property, everything will be easy around you. “.

Tyami’s sacraments

Legal question arises: what now they suddenly began? It used to be unknown or that? To understand what is happening, you need to remember several circumstances.

With London City, the global financial center, before no one wanted to quarrel — Well this is a sacred cow, the financial sector is the whole country feed. The sentiments have changed during the overcoming of the recent financial crisis: the irresponsibility and the unprincipledness of many bankers turned out, the lack and forces were obvious, and the principles of controller regulators became. Appeal and external example: in the United States, President Obama adopted a law on combating financial abuses (FATCA). According to this law, any operations fall under the American cap, where “unclean hand” will touch the dollar. Pound sterling as a world currency no less weighing, and now reached it: Last year, Criminal Finance Act was adopted in the UK, and the current introduction of the mechanism with UWO — Part of the new legislation.

Financial control in England until recently was the case of Treasury — The Ministry of Finance, the most influential in the hierarchy of the British departments, but still not power. Now there has been a redistribution of responsibilities in the government: economic crime has passed from the Ministry of Finance (Treasury) to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (home office). For her, Ben Wallace is responsible for her (his position is called “Minister”, but in the British authority, this rank of the head of the Office or Deputy Minister of the Interior).

Independent detail: In all these events, the development factor of the British internal political situation played its role. Chancellor of the Treasury (Finance Minister) Philip Hammond is considered an opponent of Prime Minister Teresa May, but the head of the home office Amber Radd — Her home supporter. So the strengthening of the Ministry of Internal Affairs — This is not only a hardware move, but also the contribution to the piggy bank of the current premiere: the ruling party is torn by an internal struggle, it does not have a stable working majority in parliament, the competitors are gaining a rating, so “strong moves” — This is also a matter of political survival for the top of the conservatives.

The struggle for “cleanliness of finance”, undoubtedly, a strong move. And the fact that on the tip of the attack arises with its notorious hackers, oligarchs and as a whole “unimportant reputation”, so it is from the category of “side losses”, as the military says, and “Russophobia” says here.

In the foggy capital of England, there are now more than 100 thousand constantly living Russians, and with the time “imaginary”, and even with other Russian-speaking citizens of the former Soviet empire — a lot more. And unlikely, the ordinary resident of Londongrad will feel himself from the introduced innovations. In recent debates in parliament, one deputy stressed: we are not against Russia and Russians, we are against kleptocracy.

Black bottom, white top

Centralization is not the newest, but still not deprived of meaning: no matter how cool, but “dirty money” — Problem without nationality. And whether the criminals are offended, offended by the national sign?

In one of the recent novels of John Le Carre, the famous British author of political thrillers, describes a translation scheme and receiving “dirty money”. In a respectable European bank with the same respectable English director, special accounts are stored for seven seals — “Lipizans”. So strange they are named in the Lipician (or Lipizan) breed of horses, loved by the Imperial House of Habsburg. From all the others they are distinguished by the fact that from birth they are dark, almost black suit, but then with age are covered with white hair and turn into a blinding silver miracle, although black leather remains under the white intercourse.

And that these “Lipizans” will be introduced by the law of the order? I will break the schemes, and the very system of the washing system of criminally charged income? Question, there is a fear, rhetorical.

Often lead such a figure: annually through London up to 90 billion pounds of “black money” from all ends of the world. And often even in respectable discussions, an argument sounds: Well, that, that corruption, money remains in the British economy — They are investing, spend on something. According to the statements of the realtors engaged in the London luxury segment, on each house of 10 million pounds in the economy comes 4 more than a million additional money (it is also necessary to do repair, and get along and shopping).

It is difficult to submit a billion pounds sterling. A 90 billion?..

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