In the last match of the start round of Play-off, she overcame…

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In the last match of the starting round of Play-Off, she defeated ..

In the last match of the starting round of Play-Off, she defeated Columbidetsevar England became a quarter-jequito-one in the game of the England of. However, there was a lot of things that I still have even those whose “volcanicity”, the freshness accounted for to taste, refer to applications about the fact that the young English team pulls on the favorite, with caution.

Her footballers were rushed along the field as a treated. Even the Frenchman Kilian Mbappe must, if suddenly watched this meeting, pretended: And whether any of them can take away from him the indisputable like the title of the best sprinter in football? Applicants had.

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English commentators on the stands “Opening of the Arena”, not embarrassed, felt, enjoying the numbers and sensations. They were waiting for a hard beginning, and here – the pressure, and the ball, which was supposed to be taken away by Colombians, their team. And moments will definitely come. Appear, let’s say, half-miners. So unpleasant to gocucker David Ospina shoved off the free Ashley Young. But Harry Kane Albatros flew to a difficult, outgoing “ribbon” canopy Jesse Linggard and barely heads did not twisted the ball into the gate.

Vilmar Barrios (second right) and Harry Kane (second left)

Photo: Dmitry Korotaev, Kommersant

And only Chris Weddl, phenomenal in the past English Havbeck, called for caution, blew in water. And what if all this lies the tricky Colombian plan? What if the Columbia team, knowing the habits and the features of rivals, simply decided not to tear off the place in the quarry, and to suffer until they were tired?

The national team of England and really soon dropped. And the Colombians really appeared opportunities no longer, randomly rummage into someone else’s half, but to be placed just. And looking at them, on this half of theorest, to mind, to be honest, came unflattering for the Columbia national thought.

Yes, the British of Jewels, in their football chaos often takes over the organization. But the Colombian football does not differ in clarity and sophistication of lines.

And in search of the main, undergoing version of the version, why he did not have to suffer a long time. A person who is responsible for the Columbia national team for organizing the game, for clarity, sat on the podium. A person who can compensate for the loss broken under the curtain of the group stage Hams Rodriguez, did not find it.

So, the first time paradoxically was able to combine entertainment – the pace was still excellent – and boredom associated with the lack of truly sharp attacks. The sharpest, perhaps, took place before the break, when the British earned a penalty of two dozen meters from the gate. Kiran Trippier struck well, but twisted the ball slightly. Promach, but misses, reminding that the British with all their reliability and inappropriateness in addition to the speed there is another strong trump card – “Standards”.

Columbia national team goalkeeper David Opens

Photo: Dmitry Korotaev, Kommersant

He worked after the break. Now Trippier served the corner, and Kane fought for a favorable position with Carlos Sanchez. Sanchez held Kane is not rude, but too tight, but an English forward, as it turned out, know how to convincingly demonstrate the judge that foul was. Referee Mark Geiger appointed a penalty, and blame him in an excessive severity was meaningless. How senselessly was Ospin trying to come up with how to take the eleven meter from Kane. An outstanding English scorer at this championship in such a grand tone that such a blows to score for him is not a problem at all. The sixth goal of Kane on the championship was perhaps more important than the previous five combined.

“alongthecoastcottage” spent a broadcast of the match Columbia-England

And after the penalty, the match turned into a nightmare. And for the audience, and for Geiger. For the audience because beauty evaporated. The national team of England, who said, has shown that healthy pragmatism is not alien to her that she fully agrees, defending the advantage, take a long rolling the ball without moving forward, agrees to exclude the risk. And the Columbia national team was still like a team that lacks a certain durable bonding link. And came to replace Carlos Bakka, sharpened under the barrage at the front edge, could not turn into it. No, without Rodriguez, it was not that Colombia, which was recently presented by the potential medalist of the championship.

For Geiger, this match was a nightmare, because the Columbians began – foli, depicted fouls on themselves, they complained about someone else’s rude. During the few minutes, they grabbed half a dozen cards.

Hoan Mojik (left) and Kiran Tripproier

Photo: Dmitry Korotaev, Kommersant

Colombia national team in the end still laid a chance. The British made a mistake in the center of the field and this mistake launched a Colombian counterattack. Juan Kuadrado fell out on the right to the penalty and struck, which, as probably, said English fans, after a moment, will bring everything they achieved by the team. Kuadrado Promazal. British fans exhaled. And at the compensated time, they exhaled again when Golkaper Jordan Picford took the most difficult kick.

Exhaled to immediately scream from horror. High-ended defender of Yerry Mina, Colombian chopstick, filled into the air when serving the corner and froze the ball into the gate. He already scored in this way two goals in the championship. The third, destroying the whole logic of the game, cost twenty-two.

The match, who spoiled to the English victory, pulled to overtime – the hard, exhaustive, and then to the penalty shootout. In it, Ospina in the third round of the goalkeeper fights pulled in the corner of Jordan Henderson, and Mateus Uribe brought close to the success of Colombians, sending the ball to the crossbar. And after a minute, Picford, erupted the snake, beat off the penalty. It remained not to let Eric Dyer – and he did not let. England’s team won and now meet in the quarterfinals with the Swedes.

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