In Moscow, begins to vaccinate from COVID-19 doctors…

COVID-19: Moscow starts mass vaccination amid record cases

In Moscow, begins to vaccinate from COVID-19 doctors ..

In Moscow, it is started to vaccinate from COVID-19 doctors, teachers and social workers, my sadness of obtaining vaccinations is needed to attach to one of the metropolitan clinics, a passport, an OMS policy and a document, indicating work in one of the sectors listed, for example, a certificate from the personnel department, explained in the city Administration.
Citizens from 18 to 60 years will be able to vaccinate without chronic diseases that did not hurt the ORVI for the last two weeks and did not do other vaccinations within a month.

However, how the last two circumstances will be checked, officials did not explain. The procedure itself in the clinic will take at least an hour: according to the regulations, for example, 15 minutes is required only to defrost the vaccine (the substance is stored at -18 ° C) and half an hour – to observe the participant of vaccination after its introduction. Pregnant and lactating women vaccine from coronavirus contraindicated.

The start of the vaccination campaign in Moscow was announced the day after the meeting at the President of Vladimir Putin, who, in turn, ordered to proceed next week to vaccination throughout Russia. Mr. Sobyanin reminded the presidential order to provide drugs “First of all, citizens from risk groups”, clarifying that the electronic record will begin “for the purpose of running a huge mass vaccination mechanism” in coordination with the Government of the Russian Federation. In the metropolitan mayor’s office, they promise that the record will be open two weeks ahead, and the date can be subsequently corrected.

Mr. Sobyanin assured that Moscow has already created “all technological and organizational vaccination chain” with warehouses, refrigerators for delivering drugs and refrigerators in clinics.

However, in the metropolitan department of health, the “alongthecoastcottage” could not answer the question about the current stock of vaccines in warehouses. “As large batches of vaccine are received,” Sergey Sobyanin promised to expand the list of categories of free classified citizens. In the metropolitan mayor’s office recalled the two-component composition of the vaccination, specifying that the electronic record on the second procedure (there must be 21 days from the visit) to occur automatically, and SMS with the date, time and the place of receipt of the re-vaccine will come one days before the event.

“alongthecoastcottage” found out how the mass vaccination from COVID

Teachers, doctors and social workers will begin to introduce the Vaccine “Satellite V”, developed by the center named after the Gamalei Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. In August 2020, this vaccination received temporary registration (issued to drugs to health in emergency conditions) in a special manner provided for by Resolution No. 441 of the Government of the Russian Federation. Registration is valid until January 1, 2021, but the restrictions will be discontinued after the completion of clinical trials, explained the Assistant Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Alexei Kuznetsov.

Now there is a third stage of the test “Satellite V”, which must confirm its mass efficiency (on the first two, the tolerability, safety and efficacy of the drug on small groups of patients are determined).

In the Ministry of Health, it was previously reported that 40 thousand participates in the third stage. Volunteers, for which doctors will be observed within 180 days, until the end of January 2021. But the director of the Gamalei Center Alexander Ginzburg later clarified that by this time the last of 40 thousand will be vaccinated. Volunteers, and the final results of research scientists will receive even six months, by the end of July 2021. On October 30, the Vice-Mayor of Moscow Anastasia Rankov reported that “2.5 thousand. Covid-19 vaccinations were made in Moscow within the framework of civil turnover, “people from the risk group – doctors and teachers” were promoted. Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko during the presentation of the UN vaccine in two days later, more than 100 thousand. Man from risk groups received “Satellite V” in the Russian Federation. In November, the grafting developers reported its effectiveness in 95% on the 42nd day after the introduction of the first dose (and in the case of the second paradist).

The city administration emphasizes that the recording for vaccination in Moscow will be voluntary. The Department of Health is even forced yesterday to speak with a special statement “In connection with discussions on social networks around the alleged mass layoffs of doctors and coercion to vaccination in the city polyclinic number 3”. The fact is that on December 1, the member of the ONK Moscow Marina Litvinovich reported that “In the Moscow clinics, they began to massively dismiss doctors because of the obligatory vaccination from Coronavirus: doctors do not want to vaccinate, and they are forced to jeopardize dismissal”.

Officials refute the information, specifying that “excess administrative personnel is reduced, due to which the medical part of the Polyclinic staff has strengthened,” since the beginning of the year, the staff of doctors expanded on 40 people.

Olga’s operating nurse (asked not to mention the name in the media) from the Botkin hospital, which “alongthecoastcottage” asked to clarify how in the hospital prepared for mass vaccination, grinned, saying that he had learned about this from news programs. “To us (doctors.- “Kommersant) nobody said nothing, there was no instructions to vaccinate,” she said. The President “League of Protection of Doctors” Semen Galperin confirmed “alongthecoastcottage”, that “while there were no appeals from doctors to coercion to vaccination,” there were reports in social networks, which are mainly persuaded, but has not yet met the cruel pressure. “. He noted that he did not expect strong pressure on the doctors in this matter: “Vaccine is not included in the list of mandatory”, so similar requirements of a priori illegal.

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According to the co-chairman of the trade union of educators “Teacher” of Vsevolod Lukhovitsky, while none of the teachers complained about the union forcing the vaccination. At the same time, among the teachers there is no single position on the vaccination campaign, he says. “There are people in the trade union that believe that vaccinated normally and necessary, but there are those who believe that the vaccine is not fully tested, so there is no final solution. We can say that some relate to vaccination with distrust. But these are irrational reflections, “said Mr. Lukhovitsky. He made it possible to adopt a decision on the obligation of vaccination for teachers “Once in the future”. “No, the leadership of no directive did not make any directives,” said the head of one of the schools in Sao.- But with us, many will go. I, for example, are tired already afraid. “Beginning” – we have all the whole – even though they are in masks, but still the risk of huge to infect “.

“I am against, because the vaccine is uneficient, we know what should undergo a certain time,” says the school teacher in CJSC, but, however, notes that “coercion for vaccination” from the Moscow Department of Education.

In one of the subdivisions of the Central UKR “Kommersant Central Apparatus, they were reported that for employees and members of families living in the Moscow region, an entry for vaccination from December 14 was opened. How representatives of other power bodies will be vaccinated, could not find out.

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