How states cope with the new wave of COVID-19 Strange…

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As states cope with the new wave of COVID-19 Strange ..

As states cope with the new Covid-19 Strange EU wave choose antiviral action. This step Czech Republic went due to a sharp deterioration in the epidemic situation, says the chief of the Russian-speaking broadcasting “Radio Prague” LIBOR CUKAL. A few weeks ago, the country refused to help the neighbors, now have to go to extreme measures. “British mutation has greatly spread, there is even Czechoslovak, and in the Czech Republic for the last week the worst situation in the world. Hospitals this time on the verge, the country appealed for help to make neighboring states to take Czech patients to their hospitals, and asked for friendly countries to donate some vaccines so that the Czech Republic could instill citizens faster. France agreed, “said the dice.

At the same time in France itself, the situation is not much better. The authorities even had to introduce a local locker: under the restrictions hit the Côte d’Azur and the Northern region of Dunkirk. And 20 out of 100 departments of the country are currently under “enhanced supervision”. In Paris, the authorities also raised the issue of introduction in the city of Quarantine, however, only on weekends. But the initiative of the mayor was not approved, said the correspondent “K FM” in France Daria Zlodnikova:

“In Paris, the situation is most tense, it is comparable only with the south of France. Resuscitation load is very high, very high level of infection.

The proposal was in principle expected, but I must say that the Prime Minister Jean Castex very quickly besieged the mayor of Paris, saying that such a proposal would, of course, will be considered, but so far speech does not go about it. In general, in France there was a kind of situation in this connection: many local authorities insist on introducing more stringent measures, but there is an understanding that is confirmed by many sources that Emmanuel Macron is not ready to introduce a full quarantine, and for him it has become practically a matter of honor “.

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Meanwhile, with vaccination in most European countries, it is still difficult to occur. Astrazeneca and Pfizer, which are distributed to the EU, not all: manufacturers periodically arise problems with deliveries. Therefore, countries had to look for other ways to return to normal life. Austria, for example, made a bet on mass testing – there the authorities are going to provide nearly 9 million citizens by 3.5 million tests every week. It is assumed that this will allow the field of services faster to earn in full, said TASS correspondent in Vienna Dmitry Valeyev:

“Tests allow citizens to feel some freedom of action, you can, for example, visit the hairdresser. From March 1, each pharmacy will start free to distribute tests for the population that can be independently applied at home. Of course, they will not replace special tests that are now in Austria in order to visit, let’s say, beauty salons, but at least people will know their status. For example, schoolchildren, according to the new rules, you need to take a nasal test for Coronavirus 2 times a week.

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Meanwhile, the EU countries agreed to develop uniform vaccination passports. German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that they will be ready for three months, but first need to settle technical issues. However, some criticized this idea. For example, President of Serbia Alexander Vucich called the EU decision is meaningless and shameful because it limits the freedom of movement. And President of France Emmanuel Macron said that the level of vaccination of the population is disadvantageous for the introduction of such passports. Whether to live “relatively ok,” until the countries come to consensus, – a big question.

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