He will depart from the management of EN + and RUSAL OLEG DERIPASKA…


He will depart from the management of EN + and

He will go away from the management of EN + and RUSAL OLEG DERIPASKA decided not to be the President of the Deripaska became president of EN + in 2013, and Rusala – in 2014 (the position was created specifically). A businessman directly headed Rusal in 2000-2003 and later again took over the Office in the Crisis 2009.

EN + GROUP wondered about spo

According to sources, "alongthecoastcottage", now Oleg Deripaska decided to leave presidential posts for a number of reasons. As for EN + – the task of collecting a group on the LSE is implemented, the group "The development strategy has been registered, a high-quality corporate governance and a strong top management team has been created", which Mr. Solovyov will complement (from December 2017 it is included in the board of directors of the group). The need to head "RUSAL" for a businessman also does not, there are also interlocutors "alongthecoastcottage": although the departure of the businessman from the operations management occurs against the background of transformations in the structure of co-owners of the Company (SUAL Partners Victor Vekselberg and Leonard Blavatnik in 2017 increased its share to 20.5%, Onexim Mikhail Prokhorov reduced to 6%, and Glencore should soon exchange its 8.75% "RUSAL" by 11% en +), shareholder agreement. The third source "alongthecoastcottage" believes that personnel permutations "rather emphasize the role of EN + as a businessman's head structure in the industrial segment".

The new president of EN + Maxim Juokov – a lawyer for education, he is part of the Norilsk Nickel Strategy Committee, where Rusal belongs 27.8%, and since 2008 he oversees this investment around which the Third Corporate War "Rusala" can be blown around "Interros" Vladimir Potanina (30.4% of shares). The other day it became known that Interros made a proposal to buy out the shares of MMC Roman Abramovich and Alexander Abramov (the cumulatively about 6.5%), and Rusal is trying to block or delay the deal in the High Court of London (see. "alongthecoastcottage" on February 17). A number of sources "alongthecoastcottage" says that the Lord Deripaska and Potanin are preparing for the "Russian roulette", or "duels" – a multi-part procedure for redemption of each other's share with raising rates and serious penalties in case of non-fulfillment of Duel conditions (selling 1,875% MMC for Conditional $ 1).

As "RUSAL" compatible monopoly and competition

However, the sources of "alongthecoastcottage" argue that the purpose of Maxim Sokova is not related to the new conflict in Nickel: "The signals about the future care of Mr. Deripaska from this post was given to the market during the IPO EN + in November 2017. In the public field, however, there was a different information: about the possible care of Oleg Deripaska, together with the general director of Glencore Ayvan Krezhenberg from the Board of Directors of Rusala (RIA Novosti informed).

Two interlocutor "Kommers" in the investment companies assume that Mr. Deripaska decided to get out of the management of companies with foreign public listing due to the inclusion of it along with other participants in the Russian list of Forbes in the so-called "Kremlin report" of the United States: "When you have the right of final signature and The need to keep numerous negotiations, increased attention due to the list may be problematic ". The president and co-owner of Lukoil Vagit Alekperov declared on February 15: "Of course, additional difficulties appeared – banks are more carefully approached to transactions, additional information requires… In any case, it will complicate financial transactions – and my personal, and companies ".

But two interlocutors "alongthecoastcottage", close to the shareholders of Rusal, assure that the care of Oleg Deripaska with leadership posts EN + and Rusal is not related to the situation in Norinkiel, nor with the "Kremlin report", nor judicial conflict with Anastasia Vashukievich (Nastya Fish). "He remains a shareholder of companies, which is important if you argue about the theoretical inclusion of a businessman in the sanctions list of the United States," indicates one of the sources "Kommers. "The list is the entire Russian list of Forbes, no one of them posts in their companies does not change, so linking personnel permutations in rebuilt assets and the" Kremlin report "is incorrect," the other interlocutor "Kommers" insists. "The waste of large businessmen from operational management is a normal practice in a situation where the main strategic goals are achieved," Kirill Chuiko notes from the BCS. He agrees that if foreign counterparties have any questions in connection with the "Kremlin report", it will be its status as a shareholder, and not.

Vladimir Potanin and Oleg Deripaska re-fight for control over Nickel

According to the sources of "alongthecoastcottage", Oleg Deripaska wants to engage in the development of other assets, in particular, the GAZ Group, the Board of Directors and the management of which does not include: "A businessman plans to focus on the machine-building segment to the same extent that" RUSAL "and EN + where long-term plans have already been implemented ". In particular, in Group Gas Oleg Deripaska will develop "strategic partnerships". We are a question of VW, which leads to the assembly on the capacity of the group and supplies it chassis and engines. Chapter Volkswagen Group Rus Markus Ozekovich spoke to journalists at the end of January about the entry of Volkswagen Truck and Bus in co-owners of gas, that "some ideas on this account are". CEO of MAN TRV END BAS RUS LLC (a subsidiary of MAN, which is part of VW) Peter Andersson in November 2017 argued that "in the Volkswagen Truck and Bus Division strategy there are plans for the transfer of a large number of technological operations to Russia".

Soviets of the Directors of EN + Group and "Rusala" will consider questions about personnel permutations in companies at the end of this week, the interlocutors "Kommers" say. "RUSAL" will hold the Board of Directors on Thursday, February 22, in order to comply with the financial statements for 2017, the company refers to the company's website. There are no information about the nearest meetings of the Soviets of EN + and Gas Group, but the 27FEVRAL must pass an extraordinary meeting of shareholders of the GAZ Group, which will discuss the additional issue of a closed subscription (the details are not disclosed). In EN +, RUSAL, SUAL, ONEXIME and GAZ group refused to comment.

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