Due to the epidemic, Donald Trump is now every day…

Trump Holds News Conference On Coronavirus Pandemic | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

Because of the epidemic, Donald Trump is now every day ..

Due to the epidemic, Donald Trump is now every day goes to work as a warbittime in Washington “Everything is bad. bad. But I hope we will be able to realize the most positive scenario, and not the most negative. We are currently working on this, “said the head of state. Donald Trump’s tone was for the first time as serious: During the day, before that, he called on the stocking products of Americans to relax, during the announcement of an emergency publicly shifted his hands at present, and at the very beginning of the epidemic compared Coronavirus with conventional flu and expressed confidence that he was “wonderful The way “will pass. “Now all of us have an essential role. If each of us does to do what you need, bring the necessary sacrifices, the whole of our people is solved and the virus will win, “the president concluded this time.
Donald Trump offered concrete recommendations to fellow citizens: avoid groups of ten and more people, if possible, work and learn remotely, postpone travel and refuse to stay in the nursing homes.

He also predicted that the epidemic would continue to affect life in the United States until July or even August, and went to an uncharacteristic (and for the current times of political split) Step: criticized one of his closest allies – Congressman Devina Nosnes, a well-known determination of the president During the consideration of the case of impeachment.

On March 15, Mr. Niznes Against the background of the recommendation of physicians to limit the finding in public places called for healthy fellow citizens more actively go to local restaurants. “Let’s not harm the simple working people: to support your business, they need their salaries and your tips. Do not go to the shops and do not buy food for $ 4 thousand. Go better in the local pub, “Congressman advised. When Donald Trump was asked about this recommendation, he replied: “I do not agree. This is contrary to the advice of professionals. “.

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As Politico told the unnamed associate of Mr. Trump, the president turned out to be very impressed with the data on the fall in the level of industrial production of China due to coronavirus: in the late last week it became known that in February it was 13.5% less than a year earlier (see. “K” on March 17). “This is a communist country that just locked in homes. And they still had such indicators! He (Donald Trump.- “alongthecoastcottage”) I realized that the United States has no chance of facing such consequences, and decided that it was necessary to do everything possible to make it all over, “the publication interlocutor said.

The measures taken by the American authorities – in particular, the decline in the US federal reserve rate is almost zero, which the president was hoping, – could not stop the deterioration of the situation in the economy and the fall of the stock market.

Nevertheless, at the end of the speech, the head of state still made it clear that the usual Americans Donald Trump would not go anywhere. Responding to a question, whatever the assessment he put himself in the fight against Coronavirus, the president replied: “Dozen. I think we greatly worked!”

The head of state plans to spend about $ 850 billion from the budget for the support of Americans – reduced salaries, help air carriers and loans to small businesses. These costs are planned to be entered into a bill approved by the Chamber of Representatives on Monday on March 16 – it provides for insurance against unemployment, free testing of all Americans on COVID-19, as well as the availability of paid hospital for employees.

The president’s call was also perceived on the ground: 7 million people in San Francisco and the surrounding area were instructed to stay at home without much need, Ohio was canceled on March 17 primaries, in a number of states – including New York and New Jersey – are prohibited Public collections of groups of 50 or more people. Some of them are also closed restaurants, although in some places they are allowed to work. As of March 17, almost 5 thousand were registered in the country. COVID-19 infection, have died at least 86 people.

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