COVID infection rates beat records worldwide…

Top 10 Countries Outside China With Highest Number Of COVID-19 Cases, A Graphical Representation

COVID infection rates beat records around the world ..

COVID infection rates beat records around the world, but it cease to pay attention to it. Sick: If this state “competed” with other states, then would take the fourth place in world qualifications.

US President Donald Trump seemed to have decided on an important symbolic step: after multi-month unsuccessful persuasion from physicians, he appeared in the public in a medical mask. The head of state explained, however, that he put it only because he came to a visit to a military hospital. However, the joy of doctors was short – in his Twitter account, he shared a record of the conservative thinker Chuck Vuralri, in which he complained: supposedly democrats, doctors and media thickened paints due to the situation with the virus, so as not to give the economy to recover and allow Donald Trump to blocked For the second time.

He recorded the record of Mr. Vuralry, in which he called on the speedy discovery of schools.

President and previously emphasized: despite the fact that the country almost every day puts a record for a record for the number of cases, he intends to achieve the opening of the normal school year by all.

The Minister of Education Betsy Devos could not explain how its agency plans to ensure schoolchildren’s safety under these conditions. “If there are local flashes somewhere, the corresponding measures will be accepted at the school level and each individual case,” she explained.

In Brazil, holding second place in the list of countries most affected by Coronavirus, has already begun to cancel restrictions: in particular, cafes, bars, restaurants, gym and shops opened in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The President of Zhair Blantar – the very ill-friendly COVID-19 and isolated in his palace – warned that the country is experiencing huge economic losses due to the epidemic and restrictions related to it.

“Millions of Purelane jobs, tens of millions of people in the informal sector of the economy remained without income, a country on the verge of recession,” the head of state.

He accused “Disinfermers” in the injection of panic and stated that “the medicine from the virus should not be worse than the virus itself”. Mr. Blantar explained: he hoped that the governors and mayors would “open” the economy soon, as the government cannot afford to continue payments to people who lost their job. “We are somewhat climbing in debts,” said the president.

India also continues to put new coronavirus records: over the past four days more than 100 thousand fell ill. human. Two cities – Pune and Bangalore – Starting from Tuesday July 14, ten-day quarantines are introduced. Restrictions have already been introduced in some areas of Mumbai, in Thanny, Chennai, Guvakhati and other cities, but statistics do not show there a slowdown in the dissemination of the disease. According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of India Subramanyama Jaishancara, the authorities used the right strategy for countering the disease. “In our case, taking into account our capabilities and restrictions, we decided to largely rely on social distances,” he said. According to the head of the foreign policy department, the country has introduced a quarantine and restriction on movement very early, and because after three months the number of cases of COVID-19 infection, but remain significant, but, given the population, could be much more. In the country at 1.3 billion inhabitants 878 thousand. infected, which is approximately 12% of the global value.

Anxious news come from South Africa: the number of hospitalized with COVID-19 has sharply increased in the country.

For several days, the number of new cases exceeds 10 thousand. The President of the country Siril Ramafos in a television to the nation stated that the doctors warned him: the country is waiting for a shortage of beds in hospitals and oxygen stocks for heavy patients.

“We expected a surge of morbidity, but its scale and the speed of distribution cause deep concern,” he warned. According to him, the inhabitants of the country as a whole help prevent the spread of diseases, but there are those who arrange crowded parties and ignores recommendations to wear masks. Therefore, from now on, a curfew is introduced in the country to reduce the number of accidents in conditions of poor visibility and mandatory wear of masks. Sale of alcohol is temporarily prohibited: this measure must reduce the number of injuries received by citizens and unload the health care system to help the patient COVID-19.

In the affected countries, economic losses are growing from the introduced restrictions, and some states are no longer able to adhere to quarantine.

In addition to the Brazil already mentioned, this is stated in Iran: the President of the country Hassan Roukhany explained that further restrictions are impossible. “It would be easier to turn out all activity, however, the next day, people will protest due to chaos, hunger and difficulties,” he said, stressing that the country should return to normal life subject to precautionary measures. After his speech, uttered during a broadcast meeting of the Working Group on Coronavirus, in Tehran announced the closure of all premises for weddings and commemoration.

Preventable diseases can cost the global economy to 15%

So far, countries around the world are trying to find a balance between the struggle with the spread of the disease and the resuscitation of a given economy, doctors warn that the situation is unlikely to become better in the near future: such a statement made the head of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhan Gribesus. He also called on the world to remember that the main threat is not the virus itself. “We cannot overcome a pandemic in the split world. The decision can only be found together if we do not want to give the advantage of our enemy – a virus that has taken the world hostage, “he said, speaking in the Geneva headquarters of the organization. Deep sighing, making deep pauses and with difficulty holding back emotions, Mr. Gebresus called the COVID-19 “Trial of Global Solidarity and Global Leadership”.

And it is incomprehensible whether the Global Leadership will help: American Dr. Clay Akroerley in the article for the VOX edition shared the case of a 50-year-old patient who had COVID-19 was diagnosed again three months after the previous infection. Mr. Aerley indicates that this observation can put a cross on faith in the possibility of developing collective immunity. No hope of hopes for high summer temperatures, which were to “kill the virus”. He turned out to be unbounded.

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