Communication with the Ambassador of Russia broke a career adviser…


Communication with the Ambassador of Russia broke an adviser's career ..

Communication with the Ambassador of Russia broke a career of President of the US President for National Security Council FLINNN Rent himself to retain his resignation of Michael Flynn's resignation confessed to what political opponents and journalists were suspected of: he disinforced the US Vice-President T-shirt Pensa regarding the content of his negotiations with the ambassador Russia in Washington Sergey Kislyak. "I spent countless telephone conversations with my foreign colleagues. These calls are standard practices at any power transition on such a scale,— Posted by Michael Flynn.— Unfortunately, because of the rapid movement of events, I unintentionally provided a selected vice president of the United States and other representatives of the White House of incomplete information regarding my telephone conversation with the Russian ambassador".

What did the Counselor of Donald Trump on National Security and the Armed Committee of the Russian Federation in the USA

We are talking about several phone calls, which, according to US media, took place on December 29, 2016, when the outgoing American president introduced new sanctions against Russia. Recall, Barack Obama then sent 35 Russian diplomats from the country, deprived employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation access to the two Embassy Dachas and introduced restrictions on the leadership of the FSB and GRU. Soon after the introduction of new restrictive measures, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov promised that the reaction of Moscow would be a mirror. However, later the Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that there will be no symmetrical response. Some experts were then considered that the Russian authorities showed such a generous gesture, having received some guarantees from representatives of Donald Trump team.

These suspicions intensified when information about Michael Flynna telephone calls and Sergey Kislyak appeared in the media. The adviser of the elect, but who has not yet come to the post of President of the United States suspected in violation of the so-called Logan law, adopted in 1799 and still formally acting in the United States. According to the letter of the law, American citizens who are not performed by special powers are not entitled to negotiate with representatives of foreign states with which the United States remains disagreements. And although this law has never been applied in practice, journalists began with every opportunity to ask representatives of the US administration questions about the essence of Michael Flynna negotiations and Sergey Kislyak.

In the White House, however, firmly insisted on the fact that the sanctions during these telephone calls were not. About this, in particular, twice said Vice-President Mike Pens. Denied the fact of discussion of sanctions and in the Kremlin.

Only after the American media, with reference to the sources in the special services, allegedly intercepted the negotiations of Sergei Kislyak, reported the presence of a record of one of these calls, Michael Flynn said that he did not remember the details of all his conversations. As follows from his petition of resignation, the memory of him still returned.

First hardware lesion


Why do American senators intend to block attempts to rapprocheate with Russia


Michael Flynna's resignation is likely to be far-reaching personnel and political consequences. First, he was considered one of the most loyal members of the new American administration in relation to Moscow. And although the head of the International Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev yesterday noted that Michael Flynn was not "Russophile", He, according to the Russian policy, "Unlike many other high-level Americans, it was still open to dialogue" with Russia. "But even readiness for dialogue with Russian is perceived "Yastrebami" in Washington as a tinnress. Bank resigning on the National Security Advisor for contacts with the Russian ambassador — it's not even paranoia, but something immeasurably worst,— Posted by senator on his page on Facebook.— Either Trump did not find the desired independence and consistently drive into the corner, or Russophobia has now struck now and the new administration is now".

Former US Ambassador to the Russian Federation, Professor Stanford University Michael McFall assured "Kommersant", what "Russophobia has nothing to do with". "Disinformation of Mike Pence on the content of negotiations with Sergey Kislyak, Michael Flynn lost his confidence in the vice president, and therefore was to resign",— explained the interlocutor "Kommersant".

Director of the Moscow Center Carnegie Dmitry Train Nevertheless, believes that the resignation of Michael Flynna cannot be considered outside the disagreements of the new administration and his opponents around Russia. "Flynn was a target for a variety of reasons, including because of his contacts with Russia. Many many in the American establishment were dissatisfied with the fact that Trump appointed him with his advisor. There were concerns that (under his influence.— "Kommersant") The president can make concessions to Russia. This pressure was successful,— Expert explained "Kommersant".— His resignation — This is the first heavy hardware defeat of Donald Trump. Flynn entered the nearest range of the president, and he personally, as far as I understand, there was no complaints about it. But now he has to put up with the fact that one of his closest associates dropped out of the game under his pressure, Donald Trump, political opponents".

First, in the successors of Michael Flynnu, three people, much less benevolent towards Moscow: General Joseph Kellogga, who was appointed acting advisor to National Security, Ex-Chapter of the CIA David Petreus and Vice Admiral Navy USA Robert Harouarda.

As Tandem Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump becomes a new factor in world politics

Secondly, Michael Flynna's departure may affect the selection of a candidate for the post of advisor in Russia and Eurasia in the Council of National Security. According to interlocutors "Kommersant" In the US state structures, until Monday, it was about three possible candidates for this post: the former military attache of the American Embassy in Moscow Time Shi, the director of the Center of National Interest Field of Sonders and the head of the Kennan Institute Matthew Rogs. Get an overall commentary of the mentioned experts "Kommersant" Yesterday failed.

Thirdly, the political opponents of Donald Trump hoped: the recognition of Michael Flynna will hardly become a prologue to the president's impeachment. Democratic Congressmen Group yesterday sent a letter to the Ministry of Justice and the FBI letter demanding to conduct a closed briefing for them due to the resignation of the presidential adviser. Lawmakers want to know who authorized him to discuss sanctions with the Russian ambassador.

However, according to Michael McFol, even if it turns out that Michael Flynn acted on behalf of the elect, "It will be for the Donald Trump itself with another unpleasant episode, but not more". "I can not imagine a script at which this story would have more serious consequences for him",— Says the interlocutor "Kommersant".

However, the bookmakers have already begun to take bets on the fact that Donald Trump will not last until the end of the term.

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