Becoming the British, they first went out to the championship final…

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Behind the British, they first went to the championship final ..

The beat of the British, they first came to the final of the Mirahorvatam championship final, of course, this is a big question who in the Luzhniki pair which of niche is not in geopolitical, and in a purely football sense – represented. England so clearly worried about the game. Yes what is there – slightly panicoval. And Trevor Brooking, wonderful once English Havbeck, expressed doubts about the decision of the Gareth Seutgita coach, put the same option on the semifinals that the Swedes knocked out in the previous round. He believed that this option, in which the middle of the field is responsible for cementing, in fact, one Jordan Henderson, it will be hard to curb the Croatian midfield – with Luka Modric, with Ivan Rakitich, with Martzelo Brozovich, who in the quarterfinals from the Russian team came out in the second half , and now – based on, unleashing modrich hands. “And everything will decide in the middle of the field,” Brooking shared in sensations.

It was probably not a good idea. But didn’t you forget about something else – about what I did not forget about, say, the French edition of L’Equipe, when the Moscow semifinal announced, and rather even the final, implying that in it the French may well get the British. Announcement was a detailed analysis of the “standards” – their slaughter weapons.

“alongthecoastcottage” held an online broadcast of the match Croatia-England

And it pins a powerful volley when no one had time to figure out who is here who in the center of the field replaces. Croats, having gone, a little fell in the support zone. Modrich, subordinate, piled by Alley for one and a half meters to the penalty. And after half a minute, the English sectors from the soul were loud, noting such a sweet event for them. Kiran Tripproier pushed his magic right ball through the wall, and the goalkeeper Daniel Subshich did not have reached him. Fast goal – this is not what they were waiting for this match. Waited for reconnaissance, tillage. Waited for tongue tightening of the rope, and he immediately found himself on the English side.

The national team of Croatia had to pull it back. But what is happening on the field of English fans liked. Formally on their half a bigger game. But what’s the difference, if nothing more or less acute in Croats does not build out, and English counterattacks are promising. To bring them to mind, lacks the least. For example, Rachem Sterling lacks patientity to pay a normal pass who opened Harry’s normal pass, and not such, after which the side judge will raise the checkbox, fixing an offside.

Photo: Dmitry Korotaev, Kommersant

Some of the compatriots shouted from the rostrum sterling a hurt word. However, soon this person has already applauded the striker, a sharp finite faded acts of Dasnah. And then it was enough for his head, seeing how Kane hits emphasizes and does not score – let it seeks a few seconds that he still beat out of the game off. And the view in search of the reasons why the Croatians are soaked with so-so, clung to the map touch the ball Troika them – Modrich, Rakitich and Mandzucich – for the first half an hour of the game. Touchs – dozens, but not a single – in the English penalty. And that Croats could create without their penetration and nevertheless without explicit superiority in the middle line?

What game I was expected from the British and Croats in the semifinals

The breakthrough happened there before the break, when, finally, slightly flashed Picford, who knocked the ball to the leg to the leg and provoking the second wave an attack, which did not understand what British defense. But Modrich, standing alone opposite the gate, in vain hypnotized Rakitich. He stared in his eyes in the ball and did not see the partner. The wave chokes.

And in the stadium, banners floated by Croats: “Thank you, Russia!”And for what they thanked her? For the fact that before skipping into the semifinals, it fell so hard that the forces on a dense and intelligent, demanding thin and rapid solutions the game was not left?

Photo: Dmitry Korotaev, Kommersant

However, time for final conclusions has not yet come. In any case, after a break, Croats began to play poker. And Pomenhest. Another thing is that the result is subtlety and energy for a long time did not bring. And English telecommunicators reported to the public that everything is in order: “Playing a restraining football. So now needed “.

Although they are confident like in the future of people, cooling left. And they boiled up, again swearing at Sterling, who penetrating almost in the goalkeeper, does not recognize that it is possible to beat a partner with a partner, and not to pass the brown … But you can pay an expensive price for such in football. England paid her. Ivan Perishich Locking one good attempt to score by imprinting the ball with a blow from behind the penalty in English bodies. But the second was chic. Perishich jumped into a canopy to the right of Shima Vrsalko between Tripproy and Kyle Walker and ahead of them, putting forward a foot.

As the French reached the final, the beat of the Belgians

English commentators sighed. And then in horror moaning, watching in the middle of a fire in the English rear, all the same Perisich hits the far corner. Surely. As in the match with the Russian national team. And, as in that match, the ball refuses to pick up, and falls into the rack. And there was already a feeling that “floats”, losing the British British. That they all go awry. That now they should pull to overtime.

The situation was not so bad for the England national team, but it came to overtime. And new sensations appeared in him: the British came back to the British, and Croatians, whose coach for some reason is not in a hurry with replacements, on the contrary, they catch the mouth of the air, as in Sochi. And keep a miracle, “bounce” – as in the episode, when the ball after hitting the head of John Stones on the “ribbon” stopped Vrsalko. And again feelings cheated. Croats resurrected, and already Pickford saved the team, not allowing you to closure to Manzukich.

Photo: Dmitry Korotaev, Kommersant

He, Mario Manjucch, who is at all skis in the end of the match with Russia, broke through the English goalkeeper after a pause that divided the two halves of extra time – a sharp blow to the touch. And the British – with Abandhable Jamie Vardi, the last hope of Southgita, went ahead. And neither the feature of them, who have recently seemed to play the finals with the French, did not happen. Everything came out from Croats. This is, just once – in 1998 – who came to the semi-final of the world championship, will be on Sunday in the “Luzhniki” to fight for the title with the French team, which in the same 1998 the only time he won him.

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