At the disposal of “Kommersant” turned out to be a document from a closed briefing…

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At the disposal of 'alongthecoastcottage' turned out to be a document from a closed briefing ..

At the disposal of “alongthecoastcottage” turned out to be a document from a closed briefing in the British Embassy, ​​the reviews from the participants of the British Briefing, the US Ambassador to Russia, John Hantsman, in an interview with “alongthecoastcottage”, 26 March said that the position of London was “very convincing”. “They (British.- “alongthecoastcottage”) Prepared a very high-quality and convincing review of this incident, comparing it with similar cases that took place in the past, “the ambassador added. Press secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharov, on his page in Facebook, I composed that the presentation “do not convey the Russian side and do not betray publicity”. According to her, “today from London a zero of information was received against Russia regarding what happened”.

The presentation consisted of six slides (counting the title containing the date and inscription “incident in Salisbury”) and was accompanied by an extended oral commentary of the United Kingdom Ambassador.

What follows the mass reservation of Russian diplomats from the USA, Canada and Europe

In the second slide, the chronology of the incident is set out in the period from March 4 (entering the hospital for a former dual agent Sergey Skriply, his daughter and local police officer) to March 20, when “23 unregistered officers of Russian intelligence were sent from the UK”. The side of the incident at the British town of Salisbury is attached to the side of the accident: Sergey Skriplia, Zizzi Restaurant, Shopping Center and Bishop`s Mill Pan.

The third slide entitled “The new phase of Russian aggression”, contains a description of the poisoning substance “Novice”, which was recognized near the Salisbury of the Military Chemical Laboratory of Porton-Down. The presentation states that the application of the “Novik” is “the first case of the use of chemical weapons in Europe since the Second World War” and “a violation of the ban entered by the Convention for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons”. “There is no doubt, Russia is responsible,” the document says.- no other country has at the same time opportunities, intentions and motive (in order to do this.- “alongthecoastcottage”). There is no deserving confidence of an alternative explanation. “. Until the end of last week, we recall the British Prime Minister Teresa May publicly limited to statements that Russia “with a high probability” involved in the attack.

The presentation also states that Russia has not provided Great Britain convincing evidence of its innocence to the incident. Instead, “By March 18, we (British authorities.- “alongthecoastcottage”) There were about 30 parallel disinformation attempts, “reported in the document.

The fourth slide describes the impact of the “novice” to the human body and leads the statistics of victims and involved in the investigation of the incident. “51 people have passed inspection in the hospital, 131 people could potentially be in contact with the poisoning substance, – written the authors of the presentation.- The investigation involved 250 employees of anti-terrorism units and 180 military “. The side of the “Novik” effects are listed: convulsions, loss of consciousness, coma, deceleration of heartbeat, nausea, diarrhea, excessive sweating and t. P. “Death may arise from suffocation or a heart stop,” the British Embassy resums.

From where and for which Soviet and Russian diplomats sent

The fifth slide is entitled “Long list of hostric actions of Russia” and includes 12 blocks with descriptions of incidents that London ranks as such. The first of them is “Murder in November 2006 Alexander Litvinenko”, another Russian defector, who died from poisoning by Poloniym. Next are “DDoS-attacks on the Internet Estonia” in 2007, “the invasion of Georgia”, “the occupation of the Crimea”, “destabilization of Ukraine”, shot down above the Boeing Donbass MH-17, “hacking of the Bundestag”, “Interference in the election in USA “,” Attempt to organize a coup in Montenegro, “Kiberatak to the Danish Ministry of Defense” and “Attack with the help of a notpetya virus”. Went this series “Poisoning Sergey and Julia Skripal” in March 2018.

As the “Russian issue” was discussed at the meeting of the EU heads in Brussels

Finally, the last slide says about the measures that the British government took on the results of the foregoing. Among them – “Direct indication of the responsibility of Russia”, “Dismantling of the Russian intelligence network in the UK”, “Freezing of all planned bilateral contacts”, “Strengthening border control”, “Fighting crime and corruption”, “adoption of new laws” and “Other Measures to counter hostility state “.

Presentation is published on the site “Kommersant. It does not report practically no new information compared to the one that was represented by the British authorities earlier. The only difference is the retraining of the status of Moscow from the “with a high probability” of the guilty side for the guilty “Mild doubt”. At the same time, during a briefing, the British Ambassador Laurie Bristou said that “the principle of Russia’s actions is to dissolve, mislead and sow doubt”. “In the coming months, your support is regarding the adoption of measures to ensure the safety of each person and our total international security will be key, – he turned to the gathered.- We must show Russia that it should be brought to justice for what happened. “.

Over the past two days about the expulsion of Russian diplomats, following the UK, they announced 25 countries, as well as NATO.

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