Afghan scandal split politicians and special services…

A new political crisis in Afghanistan? I Inside Story

Afghan scandal split politicians and special services ..

Afghan scandal split politicians and intelligence services USAMERIA is confused in the testimony of Talibovy-raising on unnamed experts, the newspaper reports that “translations were most likely part of the remuneration program,” the prisoners of the Taliban were told during interrogations. Recall that Earlier The New York Times and following her, The Washington Post reported that the information received by them is based on the testimony of the Taliban Movies detained militants (prohibited in the Russian Federation).

According to The New York Times, the names of the Afghans involved in this operation are already known, including the “person’s name, who probably was an intermediary in the distribution of funds and which is probably in Russia”. In addition, referring to Afghan officials, The New York Times reports that over the past six months, several businessmen were detained in Afghanistan, who are suspected of mediation between Russian intelligence and Taliban. In the house of one of them was discovered half a million dollars. However, as in the first article, in the new publication The New York Times is not given a single specific name and in many cases it is recognized that we are talking about assumptions that will require further detail.

Against the background of the scandal vague in the media, the version of the possible criminal idle of President Trump, the price of which could be the life of American soldiers in Afghanistan, becomes one of the main election trumps of his probable democratic opponent in the presidential election November 3 Joe Bayiden.

Responding to questions from journalists during their election campaign in the state of Delaware, Mr. Biden accused the current president in an attempt to hide, what really happens in Afghanistan and could Moscow finance the Taliban operations against US military workers.

According to Joe Bayden, Donald Trump should have discussed the situation with the Committee of the headquarters of the US Armed Forces, as well as with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, but this did not. In this regard, Joe Biden promised in the case of his election to speak with Moscow from the position of force. “I had very straight, frank conversations with President Putin, when I was a vice president, and it seems to be one of the reasons why he does not want to see me as president of the United States. He knows that there will be more such conversations, “Joe Biden said, threatening to” go all the way from the UN Security Council before applying sanctions “. As for the scandal around the Taliban, Joe Biden offers representatives of two parties in the Congress “to request them from the reconnaissance community”. In addition, after its official nomination of the presidency at the congress of the Democratic Party, which will be held in August in Milwaukee (Wisconsin), he intends to take advantage of his right to request information from the White House on this topic.

Donald Trump’s opponents accuse him of defending the United States from Russia

Meanwhile, Democrats in Congress already demanded clarification from the intelligence community. “We need to hear information from the heads of special services on how they evaluate the charges that were put into public space, whether they consider these accusations with true or false,” the head of the US House of Representatives Committee, Adam Schiff, said. “We got acquainted with the point of view of the White House, now we need to get acquainted with the point of view of the intelligence community,” – insists the leader of the democratic majority in the Chamber of Representatives of the US Congress Stenny Hoyer.

And Senator Democrat USA Bob Menendes proposed amendments to the defense budget of the country, who provide for sanctions against the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the Russian authorities for the alleged “Credit with the Taliban”. As follows from the sentence proposal, the sanctions must be introduced if the US National Intelligence Director confirms that the RF Government paid the Taliban Militants Remunerations. The decision must enter into force no later than 15 days after the receipt of such information. In the list of sanctions — The freezing of assets and a ban on entry into the country, as well as a ban on cooperation with the defense and intelligence sector of Russia (it, however, is not so no in accordance with other former Washington). “In Washington, there is a lot of difficult-scale”,— Commented on this initiative by the RIA Novosti Press Secretary of the Russian Federation Dmitry Sandkov.

President of Trump itself continues to insist that the New York Times spreads fake news to harm him and the Republican Party.

“The secret source, probably, does not exist at all, as well as this story itself. If the discredited newspaper The New York Times has a source, let it reveal it. Another deception!”- wrote Donald Trump on Wednesday to Twitter.

However, the explanations of the employees of the White House are becoming increasingly contradictory. The version of the registered character of the material in The New York Times is surprisingly getting along with attempts to declare the inconsistent actions of special services, as well as the presence of “unclean employees” in their ranks, merging confidential information in the media. Thus, indirectly confirmed that the information could not be fake. During the briefing at the White House, the press secretary of President Keilie Menani defeated the fact that the leading media receive secret information. “White House is not a place to discuss secret information. But today we are discussing this in connection with the irresponsible leakage of information in The New York Times. Who wants to cooperate with American intelligence, be its source, if now they know that they will be disclosed? What allies will want to share with us information, knowing that an intelligence officer can place this information on the first lane of a large American newspaper, “Mrs. Mekrenni induced, having fallen into” those officials who betray the trust of US citizens, allowing the leakage of secret information “.

Kayley Mchenenie acknowledged that Donald Trump was still reported on the situation in Afghanistan. However, she immediately tried to translate the arrows on the guide of the special services.

“Yes, his sinking. But this does not cancel the fact that there is no consensus on this intelligence information, which must be verified, “the spokesman for the head of the White House justified. She reported that “the arranged disputes and contradictions are beneficial to Russia,” without specifying what this benefit is.

In the team of President Trump, who took a circular defense, insist that reliable information about the “Hand of Moscow” in the murder of American servicemen does not exist. “The Pentagon has no data that would confirm the accusations against Russia in malicious actions against American forces in Afghanistan,” said US Defense Minister Mark Esper.

Further development of the scandal will depend on what explanations will give an intelligence community and how these recognition will be interpreted by two opposing camps on the final segment of the presidential race.

The Wall Street Journal newspaper, referring to its sources, reports that the United States has already been split inside the US intelligence community. While the CIA and a number of other special services do not doubt the “Russian trail” in the murder of Americans in Afghanistan, with these conclusions, not according to the US National Security Agency.

Given that the American presence in Afghanistan turns into one of the most acute those pre-election races in the United States, the development of the situation in this country can affect its result. Much will depend on how the Taliban behave and whether they will continue the attacks on the US contingent and NATO.

Understanding that the new exacerbation in Afghanistan will play back to the opponents of President Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday held a conversation with the deputy head of the Taliban movement Mullah Abdul-Ghanie Baradar, calling the Taliban to fulfill its obligations under the agreement on February 29 from the USA, ” Next to make attacks on Americans “.

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